Monday, May 5, 2014

▶ Social SEO Pro Plugin for Wordpress - Social SEO Pro Review - YouTube

Social SEO Pro Plugin for Wordpress - Social SEO Pro Review -

Social SEO Pro By Mike Johnson - No Other SEO Plugin Like This Online!

Boost Rankings by 4 Positions in Google Instantly!
With the Rich Snippet optimizations in the SEO Pro Plugin, users are seeing an instant jump in rank by 4 positions or more just by installing and setting up the plugin. No other plugin can do anything close to this!
Google AND Facebook Authorship/ Publisher optimization!
The ONLY plugin to not only allow users to setup Google Authorship and Publisher status, but now it can also instantly setup your site for Facebook Authorship and Publisher status as well. Plus, you can select which pages, posts, and custom post types you want to use Authorship on. Just select and go!
Local SEO with KML Files and GEO Sitemaps!
Need to optimize for Local SEO? We have that too. Optimize your sites for Local SEO using our targeted Rich Snippet Microdata for Business, then integrate with Google Maps, Bing maps, and Mapquest by using powerful GEO Sitemaps and KML files built automatically for you with SEO Pro! Rich Snippet Microdata optimization beyond any other SEO Plugin!
The SEO Pro plugin uses Google Webmaster best practices by adding rich snippet microdata from for Article Markup, Local Business, Reviews, Events, Software, Products, and now even individual pages and posts! There are so many options here it is impossible to write about all of them here! No other plugin online has this capability to optimize your website!
Facebook Open Graph, Google Plus Itemprop, and Twitter Cards!
Connect and optimize exactly how your content is socially shared using the most powerful social API integrations available online for powerful social sharing and SEO. No one else is doing this. Not Yoast, not ALL in One SEO....NO ONE!
Image and Mobile Optimizations and Sitemaps!
Create optimized sitemaps for your site images and use our powerful HTML5 Boilerplace .htaccess optimizations for ehnahced mobile optimization and speed for your sites. Heard enough? There's even more! Promote now and have your subscribers thanking you later!

Social SEO Pro Plugin for Wordpress - Social SEO Pro Review -

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