Friday, May 30, 2014

PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program | PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program Review - YouTube

PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program | PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program Review -

PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program By Sean Mize - Full Private Label Rights (PLR) to The $4000 Automation Marketing Training Program Audios

Are you looking for powerful training you can resell or use as a guide to create your own powerful high-priced/high-level training program?

If so, you are going to love this WSO -

This is the PLR to one of my effective training programs in 7 years - and I've never sold stand-alone PLR rights to it before - and plan to limit this to just 7 days.

Hi, My name is Sean Mize, and I'm responsible for automating hundreds of thousands of dollars in online sales in the last 7 years . . . and this training program teaches your clients exactly how I do it!

These are my own high-level automation marketing trainings . . . all you need to do is add an intro to the beginning in your voice, introducing me, and you can sell them as "Your Name + Sean Mize"

Do you want to resell powerful automation marketing training, or better yet, use these as a guide to create your OWN powerful automation marketing high priced training?

If so, you will love this training program and the private label rights than come with it-

Here's what you get when you purchase:

==>You get the sales letter to the product, it sells for $4000 there:

The Automation Marketing Training Program

==> You get the entire training program, it's 16 mp3s

Now, the 16 mp3s - which are recorded in my own voice but you can edit the mp3 files as
you wish, add your own introduction, whatever -

Here's what folks will learn when they buy this program from you:

* How to position yourself in your niche so you are literally perceived as a GURU within 30 days - no matter what your niche

* My own personal method of determining EXACTLY which products to create and what people will buy from you

* Step by step directions for creating products in as little as 3-5 hours

* My stupid-simple sales letter formula - I even GIVE you a sample sales letter I wrote for a client - that you can EASILY customize for your niche (I even give you exact directions for that, as well) -so you can write your first sales letter - in just 2-3 hours.

* My never-before revealed (except to my highest level Platinum clients who pay upwards of $12k to work with me) automation formula for automating in your autoresponder every selling email you ever send...and how to make sure buyers don't get sent the same email again, and how to queue up multiple products in your sales funnel quickly and easily.

* My own secret formula for creating one product per week for 8 weeks in a row, so that by the end of 2 months you have 8 products in your sales funnel, all 8 automatically being promoted to your list based on how long they have been on your list and what they have already bought.

* How to know if you should REMOVE someone from your email list because they are wasting your time and will probably never buy (did you know I purpose delete as many as 10 - 100 subscribers PER DAY from lists depending on these characteristics?)

* My brand new personal formula for creating more time in your day for the really important things, and dropping loser tasks like a hot potatoe (this is a brand new teaching, never before revealed except to about 30 special clients)

* Additionally, I am going to teach you how to put all of this together, complete with building a list and driving massive traffic - to literally create an automated MACHINE where you literally only have to pour traffic in the front end, and sales come out the backend.

PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program | PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program Review -

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