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Personal Development Niche Kit | Personal Development Niche Kit Review -

Personal Development Niche Kit By Justin Popovic - how you can build your OWN Personal Development Marketing Funnel in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it from scratch.
It involves using a set of pre-made CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPLATES that can be easily customized to help you promote your specific set of skills and experience.
Introducing the......

Personal Development Kickoff Includes...
PLR Training Guide: An 11 page PDF guide that walks you through how to use the entire package.
Web Publishable Articles: 10 Positive Thinking articles that you can freely publish on the web
Audio Articles: The above 10 Positive Thinking articles in professionally recorded MP3 format
Web Publishable Mini Reports: Above articles collected into TWO separate reports you can freely publish on the web
Quote Posters: Thirty professionally designed posters featuring the best quotes about Positive Thinking. Editable PSDs included
Solo Rolodex: A contact list of the best Solo Ad providers in the personal development realm
eCourse: Grow, Expand, Thrive: A mini eCourse that you can use to capture leads
Three Squeeze Pages: Three squeeze pages that promote the above eCourse
Follow Up AutoResonder Series 5 pre written Autoresponder emails that you can use to engage your captured leads
How to Be Powerful and Resourceful:A 34+ page, 6600+ word eBook that teaches people how to become more resourceful/powerful. Includes exercises! Sell this to the leads you captured.
eCovers: Five 3D eCovers of the eBook. Editable source graphic included
Sales Page: An HTML sales page that includes pre-written sales copy as well as editable images
Download Page: An HTML download page that includes editable graphics
Coaching Readme: Powerful PDF that teaches you how to use (the included) coaching templates
Coaching Questionnaire: Template of a questionnaire that you can send to potential coaching clients
Coaching eMail Invite: Use this template to eMail prospective clients to get them to take the above questionnaire
Coaching QnA: An Excel file that will allow you to track the client questions and your answers. This file can become the base of your self help content
Coaching Proposal: A template for a coaching proposal to those prospects who fill out your questionnaire
26 Part AutoResponder: Large collection of pre-written AutoResponder messages that you can use post-sale to engage and sell to your list
Self Help Aff Program List: List of self help affiliate programs/products that you can promote in the above AutoResponder series

For $28.91!

Personal Development Niche Kit | Personal Development Niche Kit Review -

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