Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Review Buffer | Review Buffer Review -

Review Buffer By David Chamberlain - Prevent Bad Reviews Before They Happen! (And Get Paid A Ton!)

Jamie Garside, and his partner, David Chamberlain, have developed a really simple WordPress plugin that will Intercept bad reviews of businesses, and prevent them from ever reaching the light of day.

Their plugin is called Review Buffer, and not only does it intercept bad reviews, but it encourages good reviews. Better yet, you can determine what platforms the good reviews are put on.

Review Buffer is really simple to install and easier to use. The whole idea is really very simple.

Now, with Review Buffer, this technology is within reach of everyone.

This whole process is called "reputation management".'s extremely lucrative! Businesses will pay you monthly just to have the plugin installed and managed for them.

Review Buffer | Review Buffer Review -

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