Friday, May 30, 2014

▶ Print Prospecting Blueprint | Print Prospecting Blueprint Review - YouTube

Print Prospecting Blueprint | Print Prospecting Blueprint Review -

Print Prospecting Blueprint By Amber Chisholm - Wouldn't life be just peachy if you had a warm prospect pool interested in your services that you could easily sell ad space to, direct mailings, print services, and more without ever leaving your home?
How is this different from the 9×12 Fast Profits System? Since first coming out with the 9×12 Fast Profits System prospecting strategy I've had some time to tweak and refine that method for better results. And with this strategy you still prospect from your home office- there is no-face-to-face meetings required.
"No-Face-To-Face Sales & Prospecting System That Can DOUBLE Your Business In The Next 90 Days While Winning the Hearts & Minds of Your Prospects & Your Local Community"
If you want to know exactly how you can create an easy-to-say-yes-to opportunity for local business owners that will:
Attract top quality clients to you even if they are resistant to direct mail and advertising
Help you demolish your competition--with this method you have ZERO competition
Increase your income QUICKLY & EASILY
Shorten your sales cycle
Give you a prospecting system you can easily duplicate in your own business
Allow you to gain a steady stream of advertisers & clients & still profit from those who say "no" to your initial services
Print Prospecting Blueprint: Inside you'll learn the most POWERFUL strategy EVER for gaining new clients for your Postcard, Advertising, or Offline Consulting Business.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this course:
My top-secret ninja prospecting strategy
Foot-in-the-door strategies that work
Access to my very own prospecting "explainer graphic" that pre-sells local business owners for you
My 2-hours per day productivity schedule to amplify your results
Outsourcing blueprint to make sales even easier (optional tactic)
Email scripts + sales scripts to follow-through with this particular method
How to gain media attention for your campaign (PR baby!)
Plus more!

Print Prospecting Blueprint | Print Prospecting Blueprint Review -

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