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Compliance Bar | Compliance Bar Review -

Compliance Bar By Anton Nadilo - a powerful Wordpress Plugin that solves a fundamental problem for anyone wanting to sell anything online (including products, services, affiliates, CPA, BizOp and even advertising and Adsense).
Ever evolving Internet laws require the display of compliance pages on any website that falls into the above category.

The FTC have become increasingly vigilant on those not conforming to their requirements and several high profile examples already exist where individuals and companies have been heavily fined and incurred all sorts of legal issues for failing to display required information.

Typical pages can include (but are not limited to) Privacy Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and FTC Notice. The problem is that creating these pages is both time consuming and could still leave websites non compliant.

Compliance Bar is the ultimate solution to solving these issues. The plugin creates and displays these required pages in just a few clicks, based on templates that have been reviewed as appropriate by a legal professional. These Compliance Pages are then linked to and displayed on pages of choice in the form of attractive interactive icons, which can be positioned anywhere on the page.

We have created Compliance Bar to be fully flexible, allowing users to upload both their own compliance page templates and their own icons of choosing should they so desire. They are also able to change the Bar background to ensure that it matches with their website.

Additional features of Compliance Bar include

Create unlimited popups that restrict visitors to content until they agree to your terms. Great for sites that require visitors to be over a certain age for example. Acceptance (IP address) is then recorded in the backend should you require it at a later date
EU Cookie Compliance advises visitors of site cookie policy and restores IP address on acceptance for future records.
Compliance Bar optimised for mobile and tablets with separate settings to cater for this traffic.
Custom shortcodes that will populate templates as defined in user profile settings
Fully flexible icons and aesthetics to fit any website
Display links for those who don't wish to use icons
23 Compliance Pages templates for almost every business including Medical, Amazon, XXX, Affiliates, Adsense and Legal.

Compliance Bar | Compliance Bar Review -

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