Thursday, May 29, 2014

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WP FastDash | WP FastDash Review -

WP FastDash By Bill Guthrie - Our software is for users of WordPress who are tired of having to log into each of their sites to create posts, update their themes, plugins, and WP installations...
...who want a single dashboard that allows them to connect to all of their WordPress sites in one place...
...who want additional key data, like site rankings, backlink data, and social signals...
...who want to clone sites with a few clicks...and have a secure site backup working in the background.
During our 7-day launch, we are offering--as a one-time payment--the exact solutions that can costs hundreds of dollars each year. So there is a tremendous financial benefit to taking our offer over the competition, and there is an equally painful aspect of owning many WP-themed sites that our solution helps to streamline and alleviate.
Intended Audience
WordPress users, right?
Well sure, but here are the types of users that will consider our solution a Godsend:
Niche marketers
Offline/Local marketers
Blog networkers

Manage ALL Your WordPress Sites
From A Single Dashboard

Introducing the all-in-one WordPress manager that practically runs itself!

WP FastDash | WP FastDash Review -

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