Thursday, May 15, 2014

▶ Video Blog Curator | Video Blog Curator Review - YouTube

Video Blog Curator | Video Blog Curator Review -

Video Jeet - Todd Gross & Cyril Gupta's Video Blog Curator - Autoblog Updating For either Blogger or Wordpress blogs.

Your Own Unlimited Video Blogs - create unlimited video blogs for $0

Video Jeet, from Cyril Gupta and Todd Gross is windows desktop
software that "curates" video content specific to any niche or
keyword you choose. It really is uncanny how easy it is to use,
and yet powerful enough to automatically pull-in the best videos
specific to your niche.

You can then become a powerful editor by choosing exactly which
videos are best.. but there's something that makes Video Jeet even
more unique. With Video Jeet, you aren't stuck with just Wordpress,
you can also use Google's own Blogging service, "Blogger" which
they love!

The best part? Blogger is free! You won't need a website to post
dozens or even hundreds of video-blogs - and since Google sends
traffic to them naturally, you will get visitors without having
to advertise or spend money in any way, shape or form!

As the videos get posted Video Jeet even sends notifications to
your Twitter and Facebook accounts, letting your followers know
of the brand new content. All this with software that barely
costs what you paid for dinner last night!

Free traffic and free video blogs. (Plus extra viral traffic from
Youtube and Twitter) It's Brilliant! Video Jeet is available for
2 weeks and then gone completely, not to mention the introductory
price is right NOW.. Grab Video Jeet before the price goes up,
and before it goes away for good..

>> Watch the mindblowing demo!

Video Blog Curator | Video Blog Curator Review -

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