Monday, June 30, 2014

▶ SEO Pro School | SEO Pro School Review - YouTube

SEO Pro School | SEO Pro School Review -

SEO Pro School By Martin Huntbach

Every other month, it seems that Google are changing their rules.

The penguins and the pandas keep messing up our website rankings and it feels like we have absolutely no control over where we are placed in search results.

It seems that the only REAL way to get customers to your website is to pay for Google AdWords, which can send costs sky high. Or (even worse) some people are resorting to black hat SEO techniques such as link farms -- which risks their site getting banned from the search engines.'s the good news...

My buddy, Martin has discovered that there is a way to beat Google at there own game.

He has spent the last few years putting together a system that allows you to get your website to the first page of Google in less than a month.

Not only that, but his techniques have proven to withstand all the crippling Google updates along the way.

SEO Pro School | SEO Pro School Review -

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Azon SEO Master | Azon SEO Master Review - YouTube

Azon SEO Master | Azon SEO Master Review -

Azon SEO Master By Ryan Stevenson - Azon SEO Master is a training course with 11 video modules and an ebook guide.

Automatically included bonuses: 7 Page SEO Essentials Guide & Live Webinar Demonstration of Azon SEO Master

Too many affiliates solely depend on automated software to find search engine keyword phrases, analyze search competition, select a domain name and much more.

This training course shows how to explore Google, Google Keyword Tool, Google Insights and more to select keyword phrases to target on a niche Amazon affiliate website that can avoid a large majority of search competition and remain at the top of search rankings for many years.

watch an expert Amazon affiliate carry out his SEO niche and keyword research strategies.

In this live training you're going to learn all of this and more...

-Find low competition keywords with high traffic
-Pick a primary keyword for a new Amazon site
-Avoid getting slapped by Google Updates!
-Analyze search engine competition
-Find out if your target keyword phrase is doomed for the future
-Find exact match domains by the hundreds without software

To get signed up for this class, just pick up a copy of the brand new training series Azon SEO Master

Azon SEO Master | Azon SEO Master Review -

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Social Redirect Pro | Social Redirect Pro Review - YouTube

Social Redirect Pro | Social Redirect Pro Review -

Social Redirect Pro By Keith Mallinson - Secret To Up To 85% Engagement On Facebook & Twitter With Simple Little Images

Facebook does make changes and that's why we prefer to host the software because as you said, they do make changes and we update the script to make it work again.

In fact over the last two months Facebook have made a number of changes and we have updated the script to take care of it. I use all our software in my business so you can be assured that if it effects my business it will be fixed very quickly.

Social Redirect Pro | Social Redirect Pro Review -

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

▶ List Building Commissions System | List Building Commissions System Review - YouTube

List Building Commissions System | List Building Commissions System Review -

List Building Commissions System - The ULTIMATE Revenue Generating List Building System

Building an email list is perhaps the most important
thing you can do online.

But are you tired of wasting hundreds of dollars on
solo ads without making any money at the front end?

Do you fed up building a list of 'Freebie Seekers'?

For this reason, you NEED a real, step by step,
actionable system that has been PROVEN to help you
building your list, and generate commissions even all
you got from solo ads are Freebie Seekers!

That brings me to a really cool product recommendation
for you.

My good friend HonWai's List Building Commissions
System that just launched is the solution to your

Check Out This Amazing List Building Solution!

The List Building Commissions System is a PROVEN,
Comprehensive eCourse that show you the Secret Technique
to build a huge, profit sucking list, WITHOUT losing
hundreds of dollars on traffic!

This List Building eCourse, he's going to hold your
hand and guide you through EVERYTHING he learned about
building a profitable funnel.

It also include step by step instructions with
screenshots, so no-matter how experienced or
inexperienced you are, you'll pick up something
valuable from this course!

List Building Commissions System | List Building Commissions System Review -

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▶ Mobile Blueprint 2.0 | Mobile Blueprint 2.0 Review - YouTube

Mobile Blueprint 2.0 | Mobile Blueprint 2.0 Review -

Mobile Blueprint 2.0 By Yaro Glogowski - Discover How To Create Long Lasting Lucrative Mobile Marketing Business Fast With No Technical Skills Required! (These Templates Work Regardless Of What Industry You Target)

If You Can Copy & Paste, Then You Can Build A Money Magnet Mobile Website In 25 Minutes Flat And Cash Fat Checks Week After Week!

Mobile Blueprint 2.0 - The Ultimate Money Magnet Mobile Website Templates Pack Your Business Will Ever Need!

Build urgency fueled mobile optimized websites in simple steps without having to write a single line of complicated code.
Use, by you or multiple clients, in unlimited end products which end users can be charged for.
The real way to create Cash Cow.
Break free from expensive outsourcing.
Accelerate your productivity.
Plus you'll receive simple step-by-step tutorials to get you up and running with Mobile Blueprint 2.0 (and doubling your income) in no time.

You'll get 27 money magnet mobile website templates you can use to cash fat checks week after week for only $7. Give it a shot and I will turn you into a world class mobile marketing expert literally overnight!

Mobile Blueprint 2.0 | Mobile Blueprint 2.0 Review -

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

▶ 2 Week Product Launch | 2 Week Product Launch Review - YouTube

2 Week Product Launch | 2 Week Product Launch Review -

2 Week Product Launch By Clarke Hanna - Create And Launch Your Digital product In 2 Weeks!

The 2 Week Product Launch has been designed with the newbie in mind
- giving you a real over-the shoulder step by step look behind the scenes of how I'm able to generate 6 figures in ONE month

The Course will remove ALL the guesswork out of building an online business and show you step-by-step EXACTLY how to out of of the rat race once and for all and start living the life you truly deserve!


Following the steps in this course can easily change your life forever.
That's a very bold statement but it's 100% true and it certainly changed mine.


10 Step By Step Video Modules
In the videos you look over my shoulder as I go into detail on how to do everything from Creation to Post Launch.

Step-by-Step Daily Action Plan eBook
In this eBook I go over exactly what to do for each day in details with illustration of the two weeks in a day by day format. No worrying about what to do. It's all laid out for you. Just follow the steps.

Daily Checklist
The checklist will help you stay on top of what you have done and need to do. It also provides a sense of gratification and accomplishment each time you check something off.

Complete Overview MindMap
The MindMap gives you the bird's eye view of the entire process from start to finish as well as a guide for future products that you will create.

Sales Letter Template
I provide you with a cut and paste sales letter template to give you a jumpstart on writing your sales letters.

Extra Tools and Resources
You get plenty of resources to help speed up the process.

For Only $27!

2 Week Product Launch | 2 Week Product Launch Review -

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▶ Graphics Black Box Flat Design | Graphics Black Box Flat Design Review - YouTube

Graphics Black Box Flat Design | Graphics Black Box Flat Design Review -

Graphics Black Box Flat Design By Marc Sylvester - Graphics Black Box 3.0 - Firesale For $17!

Tons of great graphics!

Eye Popping Graphics!

Graphics Black Box Flat Design | Graphics Black Box Flat Design Review -

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Tee Inspector Software | Tee Inspector Software Review - YouTube

Tee Inspector Software | Tee Inspector Software Review -

Tee Inspector Software By Dave Guindon - Search Google for the latest top-selling Teespring campaigns
Extract the top selling Teespring campaigns by minimum number of sales, status, and time period
Extract top selling Teespring campaigns from Teeview by minimum number of sales, status, and goal reached
Campaign preview option by simply hovering your mouse over the campaign links
Extract Teespring campaign stats for ANY custom input content like source HTML from a Facebook fanpage!
Instantly search the Wanelo social network for t-shirt ideas and sort the data by popularity
Instantly preview all the t-shirt images using the built-in preview button
Save Teespring stats data to interactive HTML reports you can sell on Fiverr or other related sites
Spy on Teespring campaigns by logging their daily sales using the Data Archiver
Monitor your own daily sales using the built-in Data Archiver tool
See how many sales per day the top-selling Teespring campaigns are getting!

Tee Inspector Software | Tee Inspector Software Review -

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Friday, June 27, 2014

▶ WPLocallax | WPLocallax Review - YouTube

WPLocallax | WPLocallax Review -

WPLocallax By Sean Lowery - Easily create dazzling one page business lead generation websites or rental sites with this flexible Wordpress Theme!

Only $9!

WPLocallax | WPLocallax Review -

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▶ Brain Stimulants - Stimulate Your Brain! - YouTube

Brain Stimulants - Stimulate Your Brain -

Brain Stimulants - Stimulate Your Brain! Addieup - blue

Steroids for your brain! Clinically Proven AddieUP™ provides Focus Supplements for work and school acting as the perfect study pill. AddieUP™ simply outperforms edgy, sugar-saturated energy drinks and shots and lasts for several hours per use. AddieUP™contains stimulants, antioxidants and nootropics.

Brain Stimulants - Stimulate Your Brain -

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▶ SEO Enigma - RELOADED | SEO Enigma - RELOADED Review - YouTube

SEO Enigma - RELOADED | SEO Enigma - RELOADED Review -

SEO Enigma - RELOADED By Anton Nadilo - The SEO Enigma front end is a no holds barred 150+ page PDF and extensive video training containing cutting edge SEO strategies the provides awesome value from the beginner right up to expert level.

SEO Enigma is a comprehensive, fully fledged SEO education, aimed at delivering hoards of long term targeted traffic. Backed up with supporting screenshots and images, the PDF is an SEO Bible for those looking to learn the secrets of driving targeted organic traffic. It covers every important aspect of SEO and it complimented with action guides on how to create lead generating websites.

The PDF and video course is split into 10 modules as follows:

Introduction **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Keywords and Competition Research **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Structuring Your Site To Dominate The Search Engines **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Utilising Wordpress To Gain An Unfair Advantage **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Onsite & Offsite Optimisation **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Social Signals (powerful stuff) **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Google After Penguin **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Mobile SEO (an untouched playground) **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Google Places and Local SEO **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
Testing, Tracking & Analytics **Checked & Verifed 2014 Friendly**
**New Module** - Google Updates and How To Beat Them
**New Module** - Creating Quality Content
**New Module** - Link-building for 2014 and beyond
And So Much More.....

SEO Enigma is an essential part of every online marketers arsenal. Walk-through, tutorial videos, split into 13 modules, with over 8 hours (50 video's) of nuts and bolts content, strategies, tips and tricks. In addition, the FE product contains a mindmap and checklists to really ensure our customers have a full compliment of resources to assist them.

SEO Enigma - RELOADED | SEO Enigma - RELOADED Review -

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Easy Video Stingers | Easy Video Stingers Review - YouTube

Easy Video Stingers | Easy Video Stingers Review -

Easy Video Stingers By Nick Mancuso - 30 Re-Brandable Video CTA "Stingers"

This Huge Library of video clips will make it easy to Add Professional Call To Actions when doing Any Video Marketing - Online or Offline..

We've created this Valuable Done-For-you Video Product as an Alternative to Using
Expensive and Time consuming software to create Brandable Video CTA Intros and Outros..

"Easy Video Stingers" makes it easy to quickly add the Vital Call to Action to ANY Video, in ANY Niche... It's a Known Marketing Fact that adding a "Call To Action" will Increase Engagement, Leads and Sales Conversions..

Now there's a Fast and Easy way to add them to any video and look professional as well..

Video Marketing is Super Hot right now and there's Unlimited Uses for this product that will Cut Costs, Save Time, Increase profits and build value.. Also Upgrading the Quality of Any video marketing your subscribers do, Offline or Online.. We've priced this product to have excellent conversions and make affiliates great money..

Video Stinger "Call-To-Action" Packs

- 10 Connect With Us
- 10 Visit Our Web Site
- 10 Lead Generation / Email Opt-In
- 10 Scan This QR Code (OTO)

Easy Video Stingers | Easy Video Stingers Review -

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Tube Profit Explosion (vsl) | Tube Profit Explosion Review - YouTube

Tube Profit Explosion (vsl) | Tube Profit Explosion Review -

Tube Profit Explosion By Clarke Tuitele - What if someone showed you how to QUICKLY tap into the biggest source of traffic in the world...
... traffic that actually converts and is hungry for solutions...
... and without paying for it...
... would you be interested?

And no, it's not Facebook...

Unlike Facebook, this type of traffic has been known to convert up to 45% higher than normal traffic... because people go there to consume content... AND get help.

And if you follow this simple formula, you'll be able to harness this traffic behemoth like nobody else

And the best part?

The traffic is already WAITING for you!

No need to "attract it" to your website.

No need to pay stupid money for it.

In fact, in just 4 simple steps, you'll have a steady flow of traffic to ANY offer you choose...

... whether you're an affiliate or a product owner.

And you know what I really love?

The whole thing can be done for free, or easily outsourced if you prefer.

If you're sick of slaving over traffic and you finally want to see buyers come knocking, then Clarke Tuitele has got the exact system you need:

Tube Profit Explosion (vsl) | Tube Profit Explosion Review -

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▶ WP Mega Pack | WP Mega Pack Review - YouTube

WP Mega Pack | WP Mega Pack Review -

WP Mega Pack - WP Mega Pack is like opening a treasure chest and finding it stuffed with gold and jewels. We've curated this collection of hundreds of the world's best WordPress plugins and themes and put them all into one incredible package.
Here's exactly what you customers get:
Hundreds of ready-to-use, top quality WordPress themes and plugins for every occasion! The stunning theme designs and out-of-the-box plugins make it easy to create hundreds -- even thousands -- of websites without ever running out of options!
Permanent, unlimited use licenses for every single theme and plugin that comes in WP Mega Pack! No expensive developer licenses or silly "personal use only" restrictions. What you do with these tools is your business!
Updates for at least one full year on every single plugin and theme. We've chosen these products to help you build your business quickly and easily, and we're standing behind them by providing you with up-to-the-minute updates on every one!
Instant download of the entire WP Mega Pack so you can get started building your next profitable website within just minutes after making your purchase!
Full, unlimited rights to use $10,000 worth of WordPress themes and plugins - for only 17 (dimesale pricing)!

WP Mega Pack | WP Mega Pack Review -

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▶ Hero Tower | Hero Tower Review - YouTube

Hero Tower | Hero Tower Review -

Hero Tower By Ross Carrel - - Finally, a simple yet powerful answer to every Facebook Marketer's dilemma...

'How to (automatically) build and manage content in multiple niche markets for maximum engagement and profit'

And at the risk of bragging, we've never seen a product so simple, yet powerful. Frankly, we're proud as parents over this software, and use it regularly ourselves.

Click, Click, Click, Setup!

You can be logged in, connected to your Facebook account and having premium, highly engaging content flowing to it on auto-pilot in under 5 minutes.

The Best Content in Your Niche (Automatically) -

Hero Tower uses a special content grading algorithm to find only the highest quality content in your niche (proven by engagement factors) and then delivers that content straight to your page.

Easy to Monetize Your Fan Pages -

Easily set up interstitial ads to show your offers on other people's content - and rotate as many offers as you like!
Manage All of Your Facebook Pages from One Place -

Dashboards allow you to create and manage as many of your Facebook pages as you like and post to multiple Facebook pages at the same time.
Advanced Automation -

Content filtering by type, engagement, keywords, message randomization, auto-hashtagging and many more features that allow you to generate perfectly natural content on auto-pilot!

Hero Tower | Hero Tower Review -

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Traffic Elixir | Traffic Elixir Review - YouTube

Traffic Elixir | Traffic Elixir Review -

Traffic Elixir By Precious Ngwu - Traffic Elixir app is clearly and by far the BEST Traffic Automation app I've ever built in my whole life as a marketer... yes, I know that's a very strong statement but that's because it's true.
My goal was to build a software with a traffic stream that is completely unstoppable and unslapable, a traffic automation system that is completely immune to Google slaps, Facebook ads cost/account ban, Youtube blocks -- the PERFECT Traffic System that will deliver results and instant & fast targeted traffic at the PUSH of A BUTTON!
Hence the name "Traffic Elixir" -- Elixir means "immortal" so this app is an IMMORTAL Traffic Automation app because it doesn't depend on your traditional means of traffic generation that gets slapped, banned or blocked every other day.
I've NEVER built anything this powerful before, with this software...
No relying on Google/Youtube rankings
No blowing money with Facebook ads
And here's the sweet part... you'll be getting laser targeted traffic that is completely free, all you really have to do is just Push Buttons and tap into so many G+ Communities using our "Advanced Infiltration Technology", this is practically the first and ONLY app that does this (no kidding).
Traffic is completely automated & INSTANT, no waiting weeks for rankings, no waiting days for approval -- no waiting at all, just instant results!
What you have is pure animal that will tear down any competition and make you king of the hill...
Listen, this is your one and only real chance to give your subscribers/customers an opportunity to get away to from the rat race of building backlinks after backlinks, writing fresh contents every other day, Facebook ads nightmare and just push buttons to get instant free targeted traffic

Traffic Elixir | Traffic Elixir Review -

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

▶ Learn How To Achieve 8% CTR & Over $3 Per Click With Adsense - YouTube

Learn How To Achieve 8% CTR & Over $3 Per Click With Adsense -

Learn How To Achieve 8% CTR & Over $3 Per Click With Adsense - EXPLODE Your AdSense Earnings BY OVER 300% With Just a Few Simple Tweaks!!!

What is CTR?
CTR stands for click through rate. CTR is a way of measuring the clicks of an ad on a particular website. The percentage of individuals viewing a web page who click on a specific advertisement that appears on the page. In this course you'll learn how to improve CTR.

What is CPC?
CPC stands for Cost per click. However as an adsense publisher, CPC is the price you receive per click (Price per click). There's a CPC column inside your adsense dashboard that shows price per click. You'll learn how to improve Price per click

What Will I Learn From This Course?
You'll learn 2 most important things that many webmasters' overlook; i.e. How To Improve 1) CTR and 2) CPC.
This course is NOT about how to get free traffic, you'll find many WSO's covering free traffic techniques. This is primarily focused on improving your Adsense Income.

Is this course newbie friendly?
Yes, the course was written so that people at any skill level could follow along and implement the instructions. The course is extremely detailed with pictures and instructions. If you can follow along with pictures and instructions, you should be able to do this.

Do I have to buy some tools in order to succeed with your course?
Not at all - In the course I will share with you FREE as well as PAID methods/tools. So you can succeed without spending any money!

Learn How To Achieve 8% CTR & Over $3 Per Click With Adsense -

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10 New Adult Steamy Plots | 10 New Adult Steamy Plots Review - YouTube

10 New Adult Steamy Plots | 10 New Adult Steamy Plots Review -

10 New Adult Steamy Plots - Cash In The "New Adult" Romance Genre!

If you know anything about popular fiction on Amazon and the other platforms, you've heard of the highly popular genre called "New Adult". These are NOT erotica!

New Adult refers to romance that happens between characters that are usually between the ages of 18 and 25. They are "new adults" and starting out in life.

Popular books in this genre are "Slammed" and "Beautiful Disaster", just to name a couple.

This package includes 10 newly written plots that are suitable for that genre. They also have moments of "intimacy" that can be used in the books (common in new adult). You could also take these plots and make them into erotica romance or even regular romance.

As always, you must change the plots up before publishing! Do not publish them as is. Change names, places, events. Use them to create ideas for a series. Chop them into pieces and mash the plots together. Whatever works for YOU.

These plot packs have helped so many new authors kick start their business and this genre is super popular with readers.

10 New Adult Steamy Plots | 10 New Adult Steamy Plots Review -

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Click your Face Off | Click your Face Off Review - YouTube

Click your Face Off | Click your Face Off Review -

Click your Face Off - Worst Facebook Product Ever Sold Will Show You How to Get Insane ROIs

Hands down it works due to its simplicity

Check out the proof, the writing is on the wall...

Must get for Facebook fans!

Adam ALWAYS delivers top notch quality in all his releases and this is no different.

His advanced tips from Page 18 and on make it worth the cost of this WSO alone...HIGHLY recommended !

Click your Face Off | Click your Face Off Review -

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▶ Book Review Avalanche | Book Review Avalanche Review - YouTube

Book Review Avalanche | Book Review Avalanche Review -

Book Review Avalanche - In The Next 14 Days You Could Get A Tsunami Of Reviews To Any One Of Your Titles On Amazon...

Even If You've Struggled Or Failed In The Past At
Being Able To Get A Few Reviews!

Krizia, a bestselling author herself, speaks from her experience about 10+ ways to get real reviews for you books, as well as a gem of a video how to turn a bad review into a golden opportunity!

The media kit instructions are also really helpful, especially if you are just starting out and want to present yourself professionally...

Really good, solid, actionable information!

Book Review Avalanche | Book Review Avalanche Review -

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Hand Drawn Whiteboard Mega Bundle | Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle Review - YouTube

Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle | Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle Review -

Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle By Joel Comm - Customize your VideoMakerFX & EasySketchPro videos

You've probably seen the release of awesome new video production tools like VideoMakerFX and EasySketchPro. They have quickly become the top two selling products on JVZoo...of all time.

...and really it's not hard to see why--Whiteboard videos convert--up to 150% more than other video styles.

But as awesome as those tools truly are, if you're like us you still need more art for your sales videos so that you can customize them to what you're selling.

With so many people buying those products, the last thing you want to do is use their templates without at least doing a little bit to make them your own.

Well now you can skip paying custom artists $25, $50, or even $100 an hour and get a HUGE collection of customizable hand drawn art for pennies on the dollar:

This art is available in Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, PNG, and SVG formats -- Flash and PNG work great with VideoMakerFX and SVG is perfect for EasySketchPro!

Not only that but you'll get videos on how to use the art with VideoMakerFX, EasySketchPro, Keynote, PowerPoint, and more.

If you're using programs like VideoMakerFX, EasySketchPro, Keynote, PowerPoint, ScreenFlow, Camtasia and others to make Whiteboard videos you'll want to check this out!

Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle | Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle Review -

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Kindle Traffic Monster | Kindle Traffic Monster Review - YouTube

Kindle Traffic Monster | Kindle Traffic Monster Review -

Kindle Traffic Monster By Mikey Lightning - Kindle Traffic Monster shows how to use free traffic to generate thousands of Kindle sales, downloads, traffic, and much more for your books.

Is there an upsell, OTO or Downsell?
Yes, we are offering Kindle Technique Treasure Chest which showcases 15 advanced Kindle publishing techniques to skyrocket your books' success. We are also offering a second version with 15 more techniques that haven't been seen yet as well, due to high demand. Also we will have an A-Z guide to publishing on Kindle (Kindle Publishing Playbook).
I am a newbie, will this work for me?
Yes, this will! Follow the steps and the videos inside this guide to learn how to have thousands of visitors viewing your books daily... for free!
Will this work for any book in any niche or genre?
Yes! This will work for any book, in any niche or genre!
Is there anything special that comes with our purchase?
Yes! Aside from the videos, PDF and tons of extras, you will also receive private access to my top secret Kindle Facebook group where I offer support and help, plus provide tips 24/7 (you will receive this access to the Facebook group for FREE)!

Kindle Traffic Monster | Kindle Traffic Monster Review -

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Offline Presence - Limited Discount | Offline Presence Review - YouTube

Offline Presence - Limited Discount | Offline Presence Review -

Offline Presence By Bertrand Diouly Osso - Offline Presence lets you create beautiful marketing graphics which can be used for print materials, including flyers, coupons, rack cards as well as for the web (on blogs, social media and the likes)
It literally takes seconds to design great sales material with Offline Presence and start promoting any business the easy way.

Revolutionary Graphic Software Creates Amazing
Coupons, Flyers, Business Cards, Loyalty Cards And More
From Scratch In Minutes....With No Photoshop
- Even If You Are A Newbie!
Go from zero to design hero in minutes with our new app. Perfect for your own marketing or as a fully charged offline client marketing service

Offline Presence - Limited Discount | Offline Presence Review -

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▶ Google Cash Explosion | Google Cash Explosion Review - YouTube

Google Cash Explosion | Google Cash Explosion Review -

Google Cash Explosion By Mark Wightley - Google Cash Explosion is a unique step by step video training series on exactly how to develop quick and easy high paying websites. Everything that you need to earn well over $300 per day including a done for you theme, traffic plugins, new SEO plugins and new tactics to ensure that you get the No #1 spot on Google.

You will also receive full membership to all the training and even more training on how to drive tons of targeted traffic to the new high converting websites. You also get full 24 hour support to ensure that you are immediately successful.

The methods that you will learn will have you earning a passive income faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Watch as I implement the entire system and all they need to do is follow along and do what I do. Once the first campaign is finished I will show Live proof of the results and income from the campaign that I set up Live in the training video's. They will get all this plus bonuses to help them achieve the results they need to succeed.

Google Cash Explosion | Google Cash Explosion Review -

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Instant Video Templates V2 | Instant Video Templates V2 Review - YouTube

Instant Video Templates V2 | Instant Video Templates V2 Review -

Instant Video Templates V2 By Peter Beattie - "Done for You" Animated Video Templates that Give You Professional Looking & High Converting Marketing Videos in Just Minutes without the Need for Over Priced or Hard to Use Software!

12 Done for You -- Animated Video Templates
You'll get 12 of my best animated video templates in PowerPoint, Keynote & Open Office format so you can take advantage of these templates without the need to invest in any additional software!
Over 140 Video Graphic Elements
You'll also get the characters, objects & backgrounds from all the templates as high resolution graphics so you can mix, match & use them however you want in yours or your clients videos!
Step by Step Video
You'll also get a matching step by step tutorial video where I show you exactly how to use them to create breathtaking videos that bring you sales or impress your clients!

Instant Video Templates V2 | Instant Video Templates V2 Review -

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Monday, June 23, 2014

▶ Product Style Amazon WordPress Plugin - YouTube

Product Style Amazon WordPress Plugin -

Product Style Amazon WordPress Plugin By Ryan Stevenson - Product Style is a highly customizable ad and comparison chart creator WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates.

This is my flagship product that I originally created back in 2010, but I have updated it dozens of times since then to add new features and keep it up-to-date.

I'm moving all of my Warrior Plus products over to JVZoo, so I'm discounting Product Style from $47 to just $9 for one week (until Monday, June 23, 2014 at 9:59am EST).

More than 3,000 Amazon affiliates use this WordPress plugin

It is an all-in-one solution for Amazon affiliate ad and comparison chart creation that allows you to choose from many ad design styles or even create your own.

Product Style Amazon WordPress Plugin -

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▶ Facebook Ads Business In A Box - Facebook Ads Biz in A Box - YouTube

Facebook Ads Business In A Box - Facebook Ads Biz in A Box -

Facebook Ads Business In A Box By Dr. Amit Pareek - FB Ads Made easy is a complete & step by step course on:
How to make Money by FB Ads.
What's working in FB Ads.
How to do the things step-by-step in correct way.
It comes with Ebook, audio & video training. The course is developed by our own team. It's not just a copy paste work so don't get confused with PLR word.

Fully Rebrandable Training Guide
15+ videos course
Sales video
Ad landing pages (mobile responsive in 5 colors)
Cheat Sheet
Mind Map
Complete Professional Minisite
High Converting Sales Copy
Promotional Swipe Emails
Animated Banners
Professional graphics
How to setup Video Training
Top Resources Report
Some Extra bonuses

Facebook Ads Business In A Box - Facebook Ads Biz in A Box -

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▶ WP-Typo Developer Edition | WP-Typo Developer Edition Review - YouTube

WP-Typo Developer Edition | WP-Typo Developer Edition Review -

WP-Typo Developer Edition By Sherman Fredericksen - Word Press plugin that will allow any casual user of WP the ability to add high quality (animated) typography entries directly into any post/page in their word press dashboard.
Complete control for custom usage makes this the ULTIMATE attention grabbing plugin on the market today!
Never before has this kind of technology been integrated into a plugin, so the demand WILL BE HUGE! By creating breathless pages in any (niche) and any set of circumstances...
the WP-Typo plugin will supercharge any marketers webstes...
be it business OR personal.

WP-Typo Developer Edition | WP-Typo Developer Edition Review -

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

▶ Graphics Tornado - Graphics Summer Firesale - Graphics Tornado Review - YouTube

Graphics Tornado - Graphics Summer Firesale - Graphics Tornado Review -

Graphics Tornado By Jeremiah Villagomez

Marketing Graphics "Summer Firesale"

Over 500+ brand new custom graphics, 20 modules,
with developer rights, and exciting bonuses.

And it's only 7 bucks!

Graphics Tornado - Graphics Summer Firesale - Graphics Tornado Review -

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▶ FanBoom Pro Edition | FanBoom Pro Edition Review - YouTube

FanBoom Pro Edition | FanBoom Pro Edition Review -

FanBoom Pro Edition By Stuart Frank - FanBoom is the most powerful custom tab creator out there, a comprehensive FB marketing software tool kit trusted by 1000s of marketers every day to increase leads and sales from Facebook.

The Only Facebook Marketing Tool-Kit You Need

FanBoom is
the most comprehensive Facebook marketing software out there.
It's jam-packed with these powerful features:
Viral competitions
Lead magnets
Countdown timers
Facebook stores
Fully customized pages
...and so much more... all in one slick, easy-to-use package.
And better yet - no coding required. No SSL. No developers.
Even a total novice can create powerful, viral Facebook apps
with a few clicks. All via the familiar Wordpress-based interface
you're already used to.

See It in Action Now:

FanBoom Pro Edition | FanBoom Pro Edition Review -

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▶ Rapid Content Wizard Lightning | Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Review - YouTube

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning | Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Review -

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning By Sean Donahoe - Automated Content, Posting and Promotion...
100x Better Than Content Curation...
Drag And Drop Quality Content Creation...
[VIDEO] The Ultimate Marketing Secret Weapon...

Imagine 100% automated content that:

- Uses Drag and Drop Content Creation (or Fully Automated)
- Posts automatically to your websites
- Has INSTANT monetization and commissions streams
- Automatically integrates images, videos and more...
- Promotes your new content AUTOMATICALLY
- Even posts directly to Facebook Pages, Timelines and Groups
- Creates Full SILOS, Loaded with Content in 60 Seconds or Less...

It does all this and a ton more, but you have to
see it in action to really appreciate the power here...

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning | Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Review -

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▶ Email Ad Spy | Email Ad Spy Review - YouTube

Email Ad Spy | Email Ad Spy Review -

Email Ad Spy By JP Schoeffel - Email Ad Spy software is a high converting product that is taking over the market by storm. It will help marketers legally spy on your competition in ways you never thought possible.

Your competitor's entire email strategy is now a click away.

It doesn't matter what niche you're in, email ad spy will
get you everything you'd like to know in a single click!

That's why this software is turning into such a big controversy.
The big players can no longer prevent people just like you
from dominating their niche.

Email Ad Spy | Email Ad Spy Review -

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▶ Rebuild Aged Domains System | Rebuild Aged Domains System Review - YouTube

Rebuild Aged Domains System | Rebuild Aged Domains System Review -

Rebuild Aged Domains System By Derek Pierce - There's nothing more powerful for ranking in Google than using your own private network of Aged Domains...

And this system is 2 parts.

First, it's training on how to find the Aged Domains, the criteria to
look for to skyrocket your site to the top...

And Secondly, it's a WordPress plugin that will Rebuild Your Aged
Domains in under 3 minutes...

Here's what's you'll learn...

1. How to Find the domains that can give you a boost (you've got to
know where to look and what you're looking for)
And no it's not just focusing on high Page Rank

2. Buying or bid on the domains you've found from step 1

3. Finding out what's under the hood -- Here's where many overlook the
real opportunity with Aged Domains.
So, many only focus on the Page Rank of the the authority of the root
The fact is many of these domains often have massive amounts of inner
pages that have Page Rank, backlinks and existing authority.
It's almost like finding any extra $20 bill in your pocket.
And that leads us to step 4

4. Rebuild The Age Domains with the existing inner pages that are
already indexed and have authority in Google.

This could take hundreds of man hours if you had to do this by hand...
And that's where the RAD plugin will rebuild these pages all in
a matter of minutes.
Again, this is a complete system that comes with training on exactly
what to do, plus the killer WordPress plugin.

Rebuild Aged Domains System | Rebuild Aged Domains System Review -

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▶ Hangout Blaster PDF/Video Guide | Hangout Blaster Review - YouTube

Hangout Blaster PDF/Video Guide | Hangout Blaster Review -

Hangout Blaster is a two-step process that can dramatically increase the amount of traffic you and your buyers pull in from promotional Google Hangouts. The first step is a unique different way to set up your Hangout. The second step syndicates your Hangout virally, for added viewers when it's live, plus exponential SEO juice.

The front end product is a PDF and video guide that leads the buyer step by step through the process.

Google Hangouts are awesome for doing videos. You can easily get on a live video by yourself or with a bunch of other people and discuss a topic, or even review and/or demonstrate a product or service.
Once you're done with the Hangout, it's automatically posted on your YouTube channel, where it can bring in traffic and get preferential treatment by Google.
And that's where most people stop. They don't realize...
+ They set up their Hangout wrong... and
+ They could be syndicating their Hangout virally across a load of websites for more viewers and tons more traffic!
The secrets are out there... and you can learn it in 5 minutes.
HANGOUT BLASTER is the new course that exposes the secrets to a unique little-known method of leveraging Hangouts for waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more traffic than everything else imagined was possible.
In Hangout Blaster, you'll learn a way to set up your Hangouts that overcomes certain limitations that are often counter productive to getting high rankings. The process gets turned on its head and YOU get to take (unfair?) advantage.
Next, you'll get taken by the hand and walked through an easy-to-follow process that will syndicate your Hangout across multiple Web 2.0 properties. Everything gets spread virally for maximum visibility.
In other words, instead of shaking a stick to draw attention, you're now shaking an entire tree!
Hangout Blaster lays out the entire process in both PDF and video formats, step by step, so you can get the full ranking impact. You can use this for Hangouts promoting:
+ Your Own Products
+ Physical Products -- such as Amazon
+ SEO Services
+ Website Services
+ Digital Products -- such as JVZoo or Clickbank
+ CPA Offers
+ Local Offline Businesses
+ Profile Building and Branding
+ MLM and Network Marketing
+ Youtube Ads
+ Adsense
Basically, anything you can talk about or show in a Hangout can be targeted for big traffic using the Hangout Blaster method!

Hangout Blaster PDF/Video Guide | Hangout Blaster Review -

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▶ Social Marketing Suite | Social Marketing Suite Review - YouTube

Social Marketing Suite | Social Marketing Suite Review -

Social Marketing Suite By Chad Nicely - You Can Drastically Reduce Your Ad Costs On Facebook By Sending Your Prospect To A Landing Page Hosted On Facebook's Server! That's Been Nearly Impossible Until Now!

Check Out What You Can Do With The Social Marketing Suite:

CPA Offers

CPA Marketing is another way to make massive profits online, however you need to have the right landing page set up. This is where Social Marketing Suite comes in!

Affiliate Marketing

It doesn't matter what product, niche or marketing you are promoting the Social Marketing Suite will handle it all!

Offline Marketing

Our clients consist of doctors, attorney, plumbers, realtors, etc... If your niche or market needs more leads or conversions than the Social Marketing Suite is the perfect solution for you!

T-Shirt Campaigns

Yes, we know what you're wondering. Will this work for my T-Shirt campaings. The answer is "You bet it will. The Social Marketing Suite is the perfect cost-effective solution for T-shirts as well!

Social Marketing Suite | Social Marketing Suite Review -

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Video Comet | Video Comet Review - YouTube

Video Comet | Video Comet Review -

Video Comet By Stephen Gilbert - Video Comet is an incredible method for ranking videos for HOT buying keywords. (medium to high competition) Keywords that were previously unreachable or took HUGE sites and effort... are now just a few clicks away. All being accomplished with videos.

4 simple steps to ranking videos on the 1st page of Google in 15 minutes.

Rank videos for TOUGH keywords... even the hardest ones. It only takes 15 minutes too.

This method is so unique it's well worth a look.

You're about to learn how to make hundreds of dollars a week from videos alone (the proof is very compelling):

On top of that, it teaches you EVERYTHING about videos and youtube. There's a lot of stuff I didn't even know and I consider YouTube my full time job.

He covers everything from how to create videos, how to oursource them, how to rank them for VERY tough online and offline keywords, and even how to make over $1,000 a day from VIDEOS alone. No software, no hard skills needed... Just 20 minutes and your video is ranked on page 1 of Google.

Using this method, one of the videos ranked for a 1,000,000/mo search term. This works for ANY keyword.

Get in on this and make some fast commissions.

Video Comet | Video Comet Review -

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

▶ Sneaky Profits | Sneaky Profits Review - YouTube

Sneaky Profits | Sneaky Profits Review -

Sneaky Profits - Making Money Just Got 10 Times Easier!

These methods are so good you can even have your very own $1,000 a day business up and running with in the next 24 hours!

100% Unrestricted Access to the 5 methods:

Method 1

Is the biggest piece that is out sourced in the business of internet marketing. Now you can get a behind the seines look at how to do it with effectiveness and efficiency - How to - Step by step

Method 2

Features a business idea that will blow you away! Its so easy, because it basically no work - how to

Method 3

Has changed the WordPress game and internet development as a whole. - How to - Includes tool
Method 4

Is the biggest short cut of all in todays ever expanding business world.

Method 5

Is the risk free, fool proof way of investing at no risk. -How to

Here's The Bottom Line:

Simply put, by the end of these 5 methods that walk you through the entire process, You will be ready to own your very own business that you can be proud of.

Take your business to the next level and start living the life you deserve!

Sneaky Profits | Sneaky Profits Review -

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

▶ Simple JV Cash | Simple JV Cash Review - YouTube

Simple JV Cash | Simple JV Cash Review -

Simple JV Cash By AJ Montoya - The Simple JV Cash PDF course outlines step by step how to make consistent 3-4 figures with each affiliate promotion by setting up basic but high converting presell pages. This course shows how to pick products that will convert, how to set quickly create presell pages, and how to find quality bonuses to offer your subscribers.

Simple JV Cash | Simple JV Cash Review -

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YouTube Traffic Grabber | YouTube Traffic Grabber Review - YouTube

YouTube Traffic Grabber | YouTube Traffic Grabber Review -

YouTube Traffic Grabber By James Knight - YouTube Video Blogs on AutoPilot

Here are some crazy things you can do with it:

* Add Annotations To Your YouTube Videos on Your Own Website - Just Like YouTube Does
* Promote CPA/Affiliate Offers on your High Traffic Site, Sitting Back Letting The Software Do All The Work For You
* Use in your own popular niches to drive highly targeted traffic (get click-thrus like CRAZY)

Tons of people are getting results with it, give it a look.

YouTube Traffic Grabber | YouTube Traffic Grabber Review -

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▶ OptinTango | OptinTango Review - YouTube

OptinTango | OptinTango Review -

OptinTango By Leah Butler-Smith - OptinTango - A Revolutionary New Two-Step Optin WordPress Plugin That Will Boost Your List Building & Pocket You More Commissions Than Ever Before!

OptinTango is a super simple to use yet insanely powerful WordPress plugin that will instantly boost your list building and subscription rates.
There have been conclusive studies made that two-step optin forms can increase subscription conversions by an average of 30-40% all the up to 300%!
Our research with the help of Split Testing Experts, shows us that this formula for list building is better than anything seen before.

We know how important tracking is so we've added that in abundance!

More than tracking, we've also thrown in the ability to set and forget - an automated "self optimization" feature that ensures your subscribers only show the BEST converting options!

OptinTango | OptinTango Review -

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Friday, June 13, 2014

▶ Rent High Ranking Webpages To Local Businesses - YouTube

Rent High Ranking Webpages To Local Businesses -

Rent High Ranking Webpages To Local Businesses - Rent A SERP -

Basically what this plugin/theme combo does is:
Helps rank your websites with an amazing airtight SEO theme
Brings you sales without you doing any monetizing or any work at all (seriously watch the video if you don't believe me)
Builds a low maintenance recurring MONTHLY INCOME
You no longer have to do any web design or mess with any weird HTML again
No more buying articles or crap.. In fact you can forget about content all together
Builds you a list of hungry prospects
Does all of this without your help, just throw it up on the website

Rent High Ranking Webpages To Local Businesses -

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▶ Social Control System | Social Control System Review - YouTube

Social Control System | Social Control System Review -

Social Control System By Steve Benn - Social Control is a combination of advanced social training, desktop and cloud apps -- designed to help marketers identify the niches with real money and low competition and the people who are most likely to create content and buy.
Social Control has been in development since early 2013 -- and came about out of need.

I needed a way to rapidly enter new niches and dominate -- fast.

Social Control = 3 steps To Profits And Subcribers
Stage 1: Choose Your Niche
Find Niches With Real Engagement Using Our Advanced Search Functions
Eliminate those pages,groups and profiles with low engagement by using 'X Ray' mode
Discover which of them has commercial potential -- and where there is low competition
Stage 2: Generate Engagement
Social Control serves hot content that you can curate or share
Get access to secret stats that predict when content is about to go viral -- and get ahead of the curve
Identify those people most likely to share and those that are most likely to generate content
Stage 3: Convert To Profits & Subscribers
Using Our Advanced Demographics Choose To Either Go the free route, Paid Or Market Outside Of Social Media
Use the artificially intelligent commercial opportunity detector to see how your competitors make cash -- and then clone or do your own thing.
Monetize in record time by building Social Control campaigns in record time.

Social Control System | Social Control System Review -

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▶ PLR King Package | PLR King Package Review - YouTube

PLR King Package | PLR King Package Review -

PLR King Package v1 -- YouTube For Business - Private Label Rights to a COMPLETE, turnkey internet marketing solution that ACTUALLY WORKS...


You're about to learn how a one-time investment of $5 can get you more traffic and sales than you know what to do with

Private Label Rights To YouTube Training That GENERATES Leads
After you sign up for PLR King Package v1, you are going to have access to custom, original material that I developed and you are going to either sell it or use it to make money leveraging YouTube.
I'm also going to show you EXACTLY how to use it to drive traffic and make money.
Here's what you're about to get...
Squeeze Page & Lead Gen Page
Get people to sign up, get them interested, get their details and build your list. Expertly designed layout and copy PROVEN to generate leads. The best part? You don't have to write it.
12 Minute Lead Gen Video
Covers the importance and relevance of YouTube and uncovers the 3 Major Mistakes marketers are making on YouTube. Learn to optimize your videos to perform better than other videos.
3-Pack of Follow Up Emails, 1 Solo Ad Swipe
Don't know what to say once you have leads? Aren't an expert copywriter? No problem. The emails are done for you.
3 High-Targeted Affiliate Offers
With awesome conversion rates, these affiliate offers are complete no-brainers. Promote these to your new leads!
COMPLETE Facebook PPC Campaign
Don't put any work into a Facebook campaign. I'm including image, headline, description and target market that generates clicks and traffic.
.PSD File to Funnel
Want to get fancy and customize in Photoshop? Be my guest. You have Private Label Rights, use it how you want to.

If you want to hit the ground running with an internet marketing future, PLR King Package v1 is the fastest way to do it.

PLR King Package | PLR King Package Review -

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Video Backlinks Bomber | Video Backlinks Bomber Review - YouTube

Video Backlinks Bomber | Video Backlinks Bomber Review -

Video Backlinks Bomber - Turn The Tables On YouTube And Start Putting Your Backlinks On The Top Ranking Videos -- 100% Whitehat Method -- Automated Software Does All The Work!

You just need to think of a keyword choose how many results and if you want to find videos with your keyword in the title, and click the Start button.
This works, any keyword, any url.
Within 5 minutes of running the software I am able to start building my channel content with the top rated videos from YouTube but instead of passing the link juice to the video creator it is all being passed to my paysites.

If I were to try to do this manually it would quite literally take forever and would simply not be worth doing. But thanks to my low cost automatic software solution Video Backlink Bomber this is child's play.

Video Backlinks Bomber | Video Backlinks Bomber Review -

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

▶ Simple CPA Profits | Simple CPA Profits Review (And The OTO!) - YouTube

Simple CPA Profits | Simple CPA Profits Review -

Simple CPA Profits By Jason Finley - What Is The Best Traffic Source For CPA Marketers?
This is not a secret traffic source, and I am pretty sure you have heard of it before. It is one of the most popular traffic sources online, but it is also one of the most misunderstood and misused. After working with countless CPA marketers, I discovered that Bing Ads is the most effective and has the highest success rate.
In Simple CPA Profits we will show you:
How to get consistent 200-300% ROI
How to drive laser targeted traffic in any niche!
How to be successful with a super low budget (Just $10)
How to take advantage of Bing Ads to generate Google quality traffic for as little as 1 cent per click!
Super beginner friendly direct linking strategies!

Only $8.94, but 2 OTOs are about $27 or $17 more

Simple CPA Profits | Simple CPA Profits Review -

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

▶ Local Lead Alternator | Local Lead Alternator Review - YouTube

Local Lead Alternator | Local Lead Alternator Review -

Local Lead Alternator By Ivana Bosnjak

The MOST Profitable Internet Niche EVER + PASSIVE Income!

There are multiple ways to make money online, but this is by far, one of the easiest and cheapest to set up, while you get to CASH in BIG time!

Providing HIGH Quality Leads and charging clients upwards of $20-50 per lead... The best of all, if done right, it is set and forget system :-)

Imagine this:

- In less than 2 hours from now you can set it up
- The entire system can be outsourced for cheap without having to pay anything
- You generate leads on autopilot (after it is set up
- it takes 2 min per day to maintain the flow of leads!)
- People will gladly recommend your business to their friends

Click here to see exactly how!

Local Lead Alternator | Local Lead Alternator Review -

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▶ Tee Inspector | Tee Inspector Review - YouTube

Tee Inspector | Tee Inspector Review -

Tee Inspector By Dave Guindon

Tee Marketing System Video Course Bullets:
Watch how to make $721.70 of pure PROFIT in just 7 days!
7 modules of Teespring training taking you from start to finish showing real-life campaign results
How to research t-shirt ideas and profitable niches for winning Teespring campaigns
How to design professional t-shirt designs using photoshop
How to create Teespring campaigns for optimal sales
Learn what shirt styles, price, title, and descriptions work the best in your Teespring campaigns
How to create winning Facebook newsfeed ads that tip your campaigns over and over again
See how to create ads using the Facebook ad manager tool as well as the Powereditor tool
Get a 3-hour case study showing you how to list 10 shirt campaigns on Facebook where 2 campaigns become winners
Learn when to close down losing campaigns so you don't lose money
How to break even on losing campaigns so you can get most your money back
Over 12 hours of information-packed video training
Get access to 7 MORE case studies showing Dave Guindon's success selling over $231,000 in shirts!
How to get more sales using the message buyer tool in Teespring
How to analyze the Teespring analytics and Facebook reports to optimize your campaigns for more profits
How to create animated images showing your shirt styles & colors in your Teespring descriptions
A quick trick for forcing Facebook to send fast traffic to your ads
How to avoid getting your image ads dissaproved from too much text in the image.
How to make text follow a path or curve in Photoshop.
Learn about the powerful bi-directional traffic leach method
How to make Facebook fanpages used for Facebook newsfeed image ads
How to turn a suspended Teespring campaign into a winning profitable campaign
How to design high-converting Facebook newsfeed ads using photoshop

Tee Inspector | Tee Inspector Review -

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▶ Social Post Lab | Social Post Lab Review - YouTube

Social Post Lab | Social Post Lab Review -

Social Post Lab By Sam Bakker - The Most Powerful Facebook Marketing Software

SocialPostLab - The Only Facebook App Of Its Kind That Has The Power To Legally Suck Leads From Facebook Within The Click Of A Button.

Generate compelling Facebook content with the click of a button!
Works inside Newsfeed, Fan pages, Profiles, Groups... anywhere!
Integrate opt-in forms and landing pages overtop of content the software finds Integrate real, functional opt-in forms and landing pages DIRECTLY inside the Newsfeed and Fan page posts to collect ultra-targeted leads
Simple dashboard enables you to create your campaigns in seconds
Post to ANY Facebook page you admin and generate leads
High converting, tested popup technology

Buy SocialPostLab now and you can save hours not
having to write a single piece of content EVER again...
while capturing more leads from Facebook that you ever thought possible!

Social Post Lab | Social Post Lab Review -

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Monday, June 9, 2014

▶ FB Gold Digger | FB Gold Digger Review - YouTube

FB Gold Digger | FB Gold Digger Review -

Gold Digger - FB Ads Software - Find High Converting Niches - Predicts The Most Profitable FanPages To Advertise On, Before You Spend Any Money!

You probably know that Facebook is the best source for traffic in 2014.

With 1 billion daily users, it really is a HUGE opportunity.

But there's a big problem...

With FaceBook ads, you're not advertising to buyers.

You're advertising to people based on interests they "like".

And the problem with that is...

We don't know which interests convert..

Or whether anyone will click our ad...

Or whether people want to buy our product...

..Until AFTER we've already run our ads and spend money!

Not ideal, right?

Like throwing darts with a blindfold on...

And having to pay each time you don't hit the bulls-eye!

In fact...

Even though Facebook is one of the best opportunities online right now.

And even though it's only getting bigger and MORE lucrative in 2014...

It's a problem that stops a lot of people from enjoying success.

And that's why I'm so excited to be writing you this email.

Because, I just found out about this NEW software, "Gold Digger".

It's an automated Facebook Ads tool that will let you...

* predict if a particular interest will convert - before you run your ad.

* write ads that get the highest CTR & cheapest clicks

* brainstorm new product ideas you would NEVER know about

* get maximum free viral traffic by targeting engaged FB users

It's a very powerful and unique software.

And it's JUST gone live -- at a big discount.

I think you might want to get this.

So I think it's best if you just watch this short video:

FB Gold Digger | FB Gold Digger Review -

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▶ FB CyberSlave Software + Training Bundle | FB CyberSlave Review - YouTube

FB CyberSlave Software + Training Bundle | FB CyberSlave Review -

FB CyberSlave Software By Vasiliy Blagodarskiy - Build Your First 1000 Member FB Fan Page or FB Group in 30 Days, Guaranteed!

FB CyberSlave is your personal robot, delivering fresh content to all of your Facebook pages and groups - takes only a minute and requires no supervision.

Comes with the CyberSlave software, over the shoulder video instructions, audiobook, and ebook - all for $7!!!

FB CyberSlave Software + Training Bundle | FB CyberSlave Review -

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▶ Rent A SERP | Rent A SERP Review - YouTube

Rent A SERP | Rent A SERP Review -

Rent A SERP - Local SEO Theme AndPlugin - 62% OFF

Brand new software creates you local seo websites in 10 minutes, ranks extremely easy and allows you to rent to local business owners.

Mario Cimmino at LinkBound Marketing doesn't just have normal local clients

He has clients that pay him anywhere from $300-1000/month with no effort.

How does he do it?

He doesn't rank an entire site for clients he ranks one page and rents it...

Google's made ranking sites a lot trickier with the Panda of Doom and the Penguin of Destruction.

But with proper internal link structure it is easier than ever.

Even for high-competition keywords. He has made almost $1350 from one page on their website.

Pretty simple, really.

Because now, this Local SEO Avenger has come out with a brand new piece of software that doesn't just do the internal linking, but allows you to rent EVERY single page that is ranking to a UNIQUE owner.

It's called Rent-A-SERP.

And frankly, I was blown away.

I don't think I've ever seen local SEO automation that works as well as this. It's a no brainer

Rent A SERP | Rent A SERP Review -

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

▶ Molecule Marketing Blueprint | Molecule Marketing Blueprint Review - YouTube

Molecule Marketing Blueprint | Molecule Marketing Blueprint Review -

Molecule Marketing Blueprint By Richard Smith and Paul Money - Discover The Exact Offline Local Business Blueprint Which Made $1400 in 8 Days Using A Free Facebook Tool And VideoMakerFX

I have nailed down for you a 10 step process which will take you right through from contacting your prospect to getting the first meeting and closing your first guarantee here is if you do not make back at least 20x your tiny investment today within the next 30 days then I want you to ask me for a refund.


STEP 1: Prospecting for Gold

In step one we break down the simple prospecting process we use to get you quick meetings by using the power of your existing relationships.

STEP 2: Feedback Frenzy

Not so much a frenzy but more a highly targetted response to the small yet high quality requests we get from step one. You will not be getting tons of leads but just a few very high quality and highly qualified enquiries.

STEP 3: Pre Meeting Buy In

Now we have our enquiries from step two we have to set the meeting and to make this a no brainer for the prospect you are going to lay the groundwork by giving them something for free to confirm the meeting there and then

STEP 4: The Researcher In You

Step four is probably the most important part of the whole process because we are undertaking the research that will allow you to tell not sell. This is also real fun as you uncover the gems that will turn your meeting into cold hard cash.

STEP 5: The Free Facebook Software Hack

Here we are going to get you your free research tool to help you dig for those gems and we are going to go through each gem that can be found, we are going to test if that gem has any cash value and then just like Santa Claus we are going to have those gems in hand ready to give to our prospect at the very beginning of the meeting

STEP 6: The Client Case Study

Here we are going to use the free facebook software and I am going to show you the exact details and shortcomings of a client that paid me $833 after I gave them three simple tactics totally free of charge

STEP 7: The Psychology Reverse

This is the real fuel that will inject your prospect with an uncanny knack of saying YES to everything you ask. And this is while your giving away the whole house for free. Once you start using this technique you'll be blown away how you wont have to sell a thing. This is so ethically sneaky its criminal

STEP 8: When A Meeting Is Not A Meeting

Here we are going to put our earlier reverse psychology tactic into play by starting our meeting half an hour late. You'll flip when you see this setion of your report

STEP 9: The Discount Close

How about closing a deal with a discount that is in fact 100% of the price. Imagine selling your service for the exact amount you want but you are still giving the prospect a real 50% discount. I have not seen this one in action much but when you understand this tactic you will finally get how the real money is made, not just offline but online as well........THIS ONE WILL BLOW YOU AWAY

STEP 10: The Final Countdown

Not every meeting will end in a deal for sure but this last tactic using simple images will ensure your prospect will want to get more info from you.


1. You are getting my 29 page report showing exactly how to get your first meeting. How to research so you are armed to provide extreme power to first provide value and then monetise that value for profit

2. You are getting the exact same questioning sequence and psychological triggers I used to make $1400 from just two meetings

3. You are getting as a special bonus my exact template that I sent out which bagged me my client meetings. NO COLD CALLING

4. You are getting 4 videos (2 x MP4 format) and (2 x VMFX format) already pre loaded with content to showcase yas your own (fully editable)

I have made this as streamlined as i possibly could to make it easy for you to get up and running TODAY!

All for $9.95!

Molecule Marketing Blueprint | Molecule Marketing Blueprint Review -

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▶ Video Script Genius | Video Script Genius Review - YouTube

Video Script Genius | Video Script Genius Review -

Video Script Genius By Peter Beattie - Personal Collection of "Done for You" & "Battle Tested" Video Script Templates that Help You Crank Out Super Responsive & Highly Profitable Video Scripts in Minutes!

The Video Script Templates...

Each template guides you through the process of creating a
high converting video script for the following types of videos...

Template #1: Video Sales Letter

Use this template to create high converting video sales letters to sell more of yours or your client's products and services online.

Template #2: Local Biz Web Commercial

Use this template to create short (30-90 second) 'TV Commercial Style' web videos for your local business clients.

Template #3: Customer Testimonial Video

Use this template to create compelling customer testimonial 'compilation videos' to leverage the power of social proof in your video marketing.

Template #4: Animated Explainer Video

Use this template to create short & fun animated explainer videos that explain your product, service or app in 60 seconds or less.

Template #5: 3 Day Product/Service Launch Video Series

Use this template to create a 3 day SERIES of videos to launch a product or service and generate massive amounts of sales for you or your clients.

Template #6: Offline Video Proposal

Use this template to make short - personalized videos to 'break the ice' and approach offline business owners with your marketing services.

Template #7: Squeeze Page Video

Use this template to create attention grabbing squeeze page videos that convince your visitors to opt into your email list.

Template #8: Teach & Sell Sales Video

Use this template to create SUPER converting sales videos that help your prospect solve a problem and position your product or service as the next logical step. (convince them to buy whatever it is you're selling without needing to sell.)

All Of Them For Only $17!

Video Script Genius | Video Script Genius Review -

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

▶ Instant Page Graphics | Instant Page Graphics Review - YouTube

Instant Page Graphics | Instant Page Graphics Review -

Instant Page Graphics By June Loh - Instant Page Graphics is LIVE!
Million dollar graphics (copy and paste!)
New design graphics to skyrocket your conversions!
Get an INSTANT makeover for your sites!

Living up to its name "Instant Page Graphics", you get a collection of ready-to-paste graphics for your sales websites!

With transparent background and high definition images, this bundle is designed for the normal computer user to be able to copy and paste these graphics anywhere on their website.

Photoshop not needed!

You get the following clear-crisp, clear-defined images:

* Arrows
* Bullets
* Checkmarks
* Seal of approvals
* Badges
* Guarantee logos
* Johnson boxes
* Various call to action buttons and more...

See More Of Them Here:

Instant Page Graphics | Instant Page Graphics Review -

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▶ FB Profit Funnel | FB Profit Funnel Review - YouTube

FB Profit Funnel | FB Profit Funnel Review -

FB Profit Funnel - Discover How To Become A Highly Successful Affiliate Marketer Both Online & For The Offline Industry Using The Power Of Facebook!

Incorporates the same techniques that generated 1250% ROI as an affiliate & grow a large portfolio of offline clients.

6 Part Video Course Covering Affiliate Marketing & Becoming A Highly Successful Social Media Consultant:
Affiliate Marketing Videos
Finding The Product
Promoting The Product
1250% ROI Case Study
Social Media Consultant Videos:
Finding Leads
Converting Leads
Promoting Local Businesses

FB Profit Funnel | FB Profit Funnel Review -

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Push Send Profits | Push Send Profits Review - YouTube

Push Send Profits | Push Send Profits Review -

Push Send Profits By James Canzanella - Are you familiar with email services like Aweber and GetResponse?

Can you guess what they all have in common?

They give you the unique ability to make money at the push of a button!

This all came to my friend James after trying and failing with so many systems out there...

He was stuck in a never ending cycle of anger, frustration, and pain...

Click here to see what he did next to change it all

It's funny because I used to actually think that I was the only one missing out on this...

And it turns out that I wasn't the only fish in the sea.

Keep in mind: Success doesn't have to be difficult, time-consuming, or even expensive...

And I can't wait to prove that to you:

Click here to buy Push Send Profits!

Push Send Profits | Push Send Profits Review -

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