Friday, June 13, 2014

▶ Social Control System | Social Control System Review - YouTube

Social Control System | Social Control System Review -

Social Control System By Steve Benn - Social Control is a combination of advanced social training, desktop and cloud apps -- designed to help marketers identify the niches with real money and low competition and the people who are most likely to create content and buy.
Social Control has been in development since early 2013 -- and came about out of need.

I needed a way to rapidly enter new niches and dominate -- fast.

Social Control = 3 steps To Profits And Subcribers
Stage 1: Choose Your Niche
Find Niches With Real Engagement Using Our Advanced Search Functions
Eliminate those pages,groups and profiles with low engagement by using 'X Ray' mode
Discover which of them has commercial potential -- and where there is low competition
Stage 2: Generate Engagement
Social Control serves hot content that you can curate or share
Get access to secret stats that predict when content is about to go viral -- and get ahead of the curve
Identify those people most likely to share and those that are most likely to generate content
Stage 3: Convert To Profits & Subscribers
Using Our Advanced Demographics Choose To Either Go the free route, Paid Or Market Outside Of Social Media
Use the artificially intelligent commercial opportunity detector to see how your competitors make cash -- and then clone or do your own thing.
Monetize in record time by building Social Control campaigns in record time.

Social Control System | Social Control System Review -

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