Monday, June 2, 2014

▶ WP Blazer 2.0 | WP Blazer 2.0 Review - YouTube

WP Blazer 2.0 | WP Blazer 2.0 Review -

WP Blazer 2.0 By Girithara Prakash - WP Blazer is a complete site-automation tool, that will build users a complete site under the wordpress platform. It's jam packed with over 7 unique tools that are each designed for both newbies and experienced marketers.
The 7 plus mini-softwares inside WP Blazer easily help marketers run their sites without much trouble, everything from auto-backing up their sites, to updating it, and even adding new posts to blogs minisites, or affiliate sites is a breeze.
It will also quickly transfer all the sites you add to it or build with the WP Blazer platform, and more updates are to come with new features, as Giri keeps adding new updates to the software every month or so.

WP Blazer 2.0 | WP Blazer 2.0 Review -

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