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▶ Molecule Marketing Blueprint | Molecule Marketing Blueprint Review - YouTube

Molecule Marketing Blueprint | Molecule Marketing Blueprint Review -

Molecule Marketing Blueprint By Richard Smith and Paul Money - Discover The Exact Offline Local Business Blueprint Which Made $1400 in 8 Days Using A Free Facebook Tool And VideoMakerFX

I have nailed down for you a 10 step process which will take you right through from contacting your prospect to getting the first meeting and closing your first guarantee here is if you do not make back at least 20x your tiny investment today within the next 30 days then I want you to ask me for a refund.


STEP 1: Prospecting for Gold

In step one we break down the simple prospecting process we use to get you quick meetings by using the power of your existing relationships.

STEP 2: Feedback Frenzy

Not so much a frenzy but more a highly targetted response to the small yet high quality requests we get from step one. You will not be getting tons of leads but just a few very high quality and highly qualified enquiries.

STEP 3: Pre Meeting Buy In

Now we have our enquiries from step two we have to set the meeting and to make this a no brainer for the prospect you are going to lay the groundwork by giving them something for free to confirm the meeting there and then

STEP 4: The Researcher In You

Step four is probably the most important part of the whole process because we are undertaking the research that will allow you to tell not sell. This is also real fun as you uncover the gems that will turn your meeting into cold hard cash.

STEP 5: The Free Facebook Software Hack

Here we are going to get you your free research tool to help you dig for those gems and we are going to go through each gem that can be found, we are going to test if that gem has any cash value and then just like Santa Claus we are going to have those gems in hand ready to give to our prospect at the very beginning of the meeting

STEP 6: The Client Case Study

Here we are going to use the free facebook software and I am going to show you the exact details and shortcomings of a client that paid me $833 after I gave them three simple tactics totally free of charge

STEP 7: The Psychology Reverse

This is the real fuel that will inject your prospect with an uncanny knack of saying YES to everything you ask. And this is while your giving away the whole house for free. Once you start using this technique you'll be blown away how you wont have to sell a thing. This is so ethically sneaky its criminal

STEP 8: When A Meeting Is Not A Meeting

Here we are going to put our earlier reverse psychology tactic into play by starting our meeting half an hour late. You'll flip when you see this setion of your report

STEP 9: The Discount Close

How about closing a deal with a discount that is in fact 100% of the price. Imagine selling your service for the exact amount you want but you are still giving the prospect a real 50% discount. I have not seen this one in action much but when you understand this tactic you will finally get how the real money is made, not just offline but online as well........THIS ONE WILL BLOW YOU AWAY

STEP 10: The Final Countdown

Not every meeting will end in a deal for sure but this last tactic using simple images will ensure your prospect will want to get more info from you.


1. You are getting my 29 page report showing exactly how to get your first meeting. How to research so you are armed to provide extreme power to first provide value and then monetise that value for profit

2. You are getting the exact same questioning sequence and psychological triggers I used to make $1400 from just two meetings

3. You are getting as a special bonus my exact template that I sent out which bagged me my client meetings. NO COLD CALLING

4. You are getting 4 videos (2 x MP4 format) and (2 x VMFX format) already pre loaded with content to showcase yas your own (fully editable)

I have made this as streamlined as i possibly could to make it easy for you to get up and running TODAY!

All for $9.95!

Molecule Marketing Blueprint | Molecule Marketing Blueprint Review -

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