Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project X Tube | Project X Tube Review - YouTube

Project X Tube | Project X Tube Review -

Project X Tube By Cliff Carrigan - Speed Rank YouTube Videos Into The First Page Of Google, Using Three Browser Tabs And No Software!

Project X Tube is strictly focused on Affiliate marketing using video along with an underlying current that local marketers will benefit from.

Yes - It can be used for local/offline as well. That's actually an example in the video near the top of this page.

Yes - Longevity is there. This product is actually a case study that began about the middle of last year. I did this so that everyone can see that this is solid. Most videos ranked will actually stick harder and for more keywords instead of slipping away.

"Just learning the basics of what to do, I found a couple of products that I wanted to promote, made a quick video according to the method, optimized it properly and waited. Once YT was done processing the file, I went over to Google to check to see if it ranked. I knew it wouldn't be there right away - or at least I thought it wouldn't.

First video: ranked #1 in Google for my keyword in 4 minutes. 4 MINUTES! It was there for a good 20 minutes or so before some other site and the product salespage got ranked above me, but I'm the FIRST VIDEO for that keyword. And in YT, I have the #1 ranking.

Second video: ranked #1 in Google for my keyword in 7 minutes. 7 MINUTES! Still there at #1 after half an hour, and #1 for that keyword in YT.

Oh yeah, especially for the first video, I'm ranked at #1 for MULTIPLE KEYWORD variations of the main keyword, so I'm totally DOMINATING the search engines for this product!

And start to finish from finding the affiliate program to creating the video to ranking it #1 was literally under 20 minutes TOTAL.

If that's not enough reason for you to buy, then move on to the next WSO. This is PURE GOLD."

Project X Tube | Project X Tube Review -

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