Thursday, June 26, 2014

▶ Hero Tower | Hero Tower Review - YouTube

Hero Tower | Hero Tower Review -

Hero Tower By Ross Carrel - - Finally, a simple yet powerful answer to every Facebook Marketer's dilemma...

'How to (automatically) build and manage content in multiple niche markets for maximum engagement and profit'

And at the risk of bragging, we've never seen a product so simple, yet powerful. Frankly, we're proud as parents over this software, and use it regularly ourselves.

Click, Click, Click, Setup!

You can be logged in, connected to your Facebook account and having premium, highly engaging content flowing to it on auto-pilot in under 5 minutes.

The Best Content in Your Niche (Automatically) -

Hero Tower uses a special content grading algorithm to find only the highest quality content in your niche (proven by engagement factors) and then delivers that content straight to your page.

Easy to Monetize Your Fan Pages -

Easily set up interstitial ads to show your offers on other people's content - and rotate as many offers as you like!
Manage All of Your Facebook Pages from One Place -

Dashboards allow you to create and manage as many of your Facebook pages as you like and post to multiple Facebook pages at the same time.
Advanced Automation -

Content filtering by type, engagement, keywords, message randomization, auto-hashtagging and many more features that allow you to generate perfectly natural content on auto-pilot!

Hero Tower | Hero Tower Review -

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