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▶ Funnel Factories Lite 1.0 | Funnel Factories Review - YouTube

Funnel Factories Lite 1.0 | Funnel Factories Review -

Funnel Factories Lite 1.0 By Barry Rodgers & Val Wilson - The core product is the "Platinum" version which not only builds a full front end funnel (see video below) but also comes complete with a professionally written 15 email "mini tutorial" AR sequence. That is also automatically created by the software. It includes rebrandable giveaways to keep open rates high and to build authority as well as carefully selected affiliate offers (many with scarcity)

Do you know the ONE reason most online marketers struggle?

They do not build a long term business.

And in the online world, having a long term business means building a list.

Without this, at best all you have is a temporary cash cow, a source of income that could (and will) dry up at any time. At worst, nothing at
all to show for all the hours spent on your laptop.

But with your own list (provided you treat them right) you have a consistent source of revenue that you have total control over.

Most people know this. But many do nothing about it, prefering to stick with the seemingly 'easy' ways to make money online.

Building a list means you have to set up a squeeze page (or a series of them to test out which works), find a high quality giveaway for
subscribers, set up (and monetize) a thank you page, create a redirect page, and find a suitable and high converting one time offer.

There's a lot of pieces to the puzzle, and truth is, get one of them wrong and the whole thing can come tumbling down.

Which is why I think you should check this out - the #1 single, fastest and easiest way to get this right...

This brand new software creates EVERYTHING for you. All the leg work has been done. All you have to do is click a few buttons and upload the
files it creates to your server. (There's even a video in the member area showing you how to do this if you need it).

With this, you have NO excuse for not building a long term, REAL business for yourself. One that you control, and that is totally scaleable.

How far you go with this is totally up to you.

Funnel Factories Lite 1.0 | Funnel Factories Review -

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