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Prosociate 2.0 | Prosociate 2.0 Review - YouTube

Prosociate 2.0 | Prosociate 2.0 Review -

Prosociate 2.0 By Louis Reingold - the Next Generation of the Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress!

Prosociate is the Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress. Built to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce, you now have the ability to create Amazon Affiliate Stores where visitors can actually shop and then complete their purchase on Amazon! With the built in Add to Cart function integrated with WooCommerce all Cookies are 90 Day Cookies creating incredible and lasting Amazon Affiliate Commissions!

Test Users of the Plugin have already made over $500 in Amazon Affiliate Commissions in a Single Month using the Prosociate Plugin! Where else can you find real user Reviews of actual earnings on New Plugin Launches?

Back in January a new Amazon plugin was released.
It was a very unique plugin which allowed you to create
a real online shopping experience for your site visitors
and it amplified profits quickly with its awesome 90
day cookie feature.
Today, this plugin is back with a new massive upgrade
which sets it apart from everything else out there.
You know as well as I do that you can't just load up
any Amazon plugin and start making money with it
without doing a load of extra work. SEO, Link
Cloaking (since Google hates Affiliate links),
special widgets and configurations, etc.
Now with the new upgraded version of this plugin
you don't have to do any of that.

Here are just a few of the incredible features this
massive new upgrade brings:

1. Create Unlimited Amazon Products
2. Create Unlimited Product Subscriptions
(Automaticly add new products to your site)
3. Real Online Shopping Cart and Checkout
4. Automatic 3 Step Setup
5. No Link Cloaking Required (done automatically)
6. SEO Microdata automation
7. 90 Day Cookies (90 days worth of profits)
8. Automatic GEO Targeting (Worldwide Amazon profits)
9. Widgets & Shortcodes for Unlimited Product placement
10. Layered Navigation & Much, Much More!

As you can see, there is so much in this new version
that it would be crazy not to jump on this now!

Prosociate 2.0 | Prosociate 2.0 Review -

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