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Retargeting Rebellion | Retargeting Rebellion Review - YouTube

Retargeting Rebellion | Retargeting Rebellion Review -

Retargeting Rebellion By Aravindh S - Want more Targeted Buyer Traffic to your websites?

Make A Dollar Back every time you throw 10 Cents at this Traffic Source.

The most powerful source of buyer traffic I've come across in years.

Discover how you can get laser-targeted traffic for just $0.10 per click, get in contact with your hottest prospects over and over again with NO list, and get over 1000% return on your traffic investment.

Best example is a $23 ad spend resulting in $2800 in sales!

The AVERAGE return is $1 per ten cents invested!

Retargeting Rebellion. A comprehensive step by step video training course!

You can watch over my shoulder as I create effective retargeting campaigns from scratch, and explain how to use retargeting effectively to make sales without annoying your customers!

Here's what this training will do for you:

You will be able to extract more value from your traffic generation so you will be able to work less and profit more
You will save time and avoid the steep learning curve, by learning from my mistakes and experience having spent thousands of dollars on paid traffic generation. You don't need to re-invent the wheel!
You will learn how to design great ads so you don't waste time and money experimenting when I have done this for you
You will be able to stay one step ahead of your competitors by using a superior retargeting strategy that makes your customers like you more
You will be able to hit your desired income goal faster, as your list and sales growth are accelerated by your retargeting strategies
Ultimately, if you want a successful online business this training will get you there faster, easier, and with less stress than trying to do it all yourself!

Here's what you're going to get:

Video 1: I'll show you the exact platform I use to target on Facebook, and all across the web. It's 100% free to get an account here, and this world class platform will save you time, money, and make setting up retargeting super easy. You'll have your first retargeting pixel ready within minutes, and I'll show you this right in front of your eyes. I will show you how to get 2 weeks worth of retargeting credit for free!
Video 2: I'll show you how to easily install the pixel on your website so you can begin building your retargeting list immediately.
Video 3: You'll learn how to retarget traffic you don't even send to your own website. This lets you maximise value and retarget when you send traffic directly to offers, like Teespring campaigns or affiliate links. I have secured you a large discount on software to do this for you.
Video 4: I'll reveal to you my favorite place to run retargeting ads, and share the insider secret about how to get dirt cheap clicks using CPM bidding. Don't worry, I explain all these terms and this will finally let you understand the truth about "cheap clicks"
Video 5: In this video you will watch over my shoulder as I create a Facebook retargeting ad from scratch. You'll see how I set up the campaign, design the ad, write the copy, and submit it to go live. You'll see how to get the best quality clicks for cheap, without annoying your visitors.
Video 6: You'll discover the single most important thing you need to do to have success with retargeting (it's less technical than you think)
Video 7: You will get to see the RESULTS from the ad I created in video 5, and you'll be shocked at how cheap the clicks are from an ad anyone could set up within a few minutes.
Video 8: You're going to learn about "retargeting segmentation" and how this little discussed concept is the KEY to not annoying your customers with retargeting campaigns. Don't worry, I give you the 3 critical segments you must have, and show you over my shoulder how to make them.
Video 9: I'll tell you my second favorite place to run retargeting ads to get really motivated buyers to click through without annoying anyone
Video 10: Here you'll learn how to retarget ACROSS THE WEB, but I'll give you some words of warning about why you should be careful about doing this in my humble opinion...
Video 11: I'll give you all of my most advanced retargeting strategies, and the 5 different types of ads you must run to maximise your results. I'll even show you my all time favorite retargeting example that you can model in your own business!
Video 12: We'll conclude the course and I'll reveal my own traffic strategy for 2014!
BONUS I've also provided a Fast Start Retargeting Checklist So You Can Easily Implement This Training!

Retargeting Rebellion | Retargeting Rebellion Review -

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