Wednesday, July 9, 2014

▶ App Reskinning 101 eBook + Free Report | App Reskinning 101 Review - YouTube

App Reskinning 101 eBook + Free Report | App Reskinning 101 Review -

App Reskinning 101 eBook + Free Report - Make Money Reskinning Apps from start to finish and goes over the following:
This eBook will have you up and running out of the box, will save you thousands in trial and error dollars, and most importantly will shave 6-12 months off of learning curve time.
This isn't a book packed with fluff; my main bread and butter is revenue from my reskins. I am saving you from going through the tough times in the trenches that I have already endured perfecting this skill.
There were many times that I was on the ropes in frustration, and instead of giving up I sucked it up and pushed through it. I am far better for it in the end, but navigating this journey requires you to go to several largely unorganized sources and waste time that you could be using for a myriad of other things.
I can equate value in paying a few dollars to eliminate months and months of research and frustration. Trust me, I guarantee that for ten bucks I am saving you dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of your time and effort learning this. I put all the sources together into one single eBook, sow you how to use each source, and made it as simple as humanly possible.
Buy the book, follow the roadmap until you can do it in your sleep, and keep adding Apps to your portfolio. Soon you will be able to hire a virtual assistant (sources available in the eBook) to do it all for you on autopilot and free up more of your time until you are spending only a few hours a week for a huge return.
If you stick with it, it gets easier and easier; and soon you end up with a nice second, or replacement, income.
If you buy the book and commit to building this skillset and are not satisfied for any reason I will return your money in full. My only condition is that you tell me where the point of failure for you was and allow me the chance to help fix it personally. I know this works as I am living it. I put it in writing exactly how I go through the process, so I would be remiss if I didn't stick by my own words.

App Reskinning 101 eBook + Free Report | App Reskinning 101 Review -

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