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▶ Erotica Decoded | Erotica Decoded Review - YouTube

Erotica Decoded | Erotica Decoded Review -

Erotica Decoded - The Most Profitable kindle Category And How To Profit Wildly From It!

You'll get a complete step-by-step training that includes the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Why Is Erotica So Hot
Lesson 2: Getting A Story
Lesson 3: Getting An Amazon Account
Lesson 4: Winning Keyword Research
Lesson 5: Writing A CompellingDescription
Lesson 6: Creating A Title That Sells!
Lesson 7: Uploading Your First Erotica To Amazon KDP Select
Lesson 8: Creating an Amazon Author Central Page
Lesson 9: Erotica Decoded Action Guide

And your BONUSES!
BONUS # 1 -- How To Hire An Erotica Writer Guidelines
BONUS # 2 -- Vendor Waiver
BONUS # 3 -- How To Find Great Erotica Writers (video training)

Do I NEED special skills for this method to work?

No, you don't! As long as you follow the clear instructions, you should be well on your way.

Do I have to write my own books?

You can if you like writing, but this system is base on outsourcing the writing. The successful Erotica publisher I tracked down generates $30,000/month and doesn't write ONE word. Heck, he doesn't take care of any parts of the process. His team of outsourcers take care of EVERYTHING.

Will I become an Erotica Bestseller with this course?

That is completely up to YOU! There is no guarantee that you will become a Bestseller because if you take NO action on what I am teaching you, you obviously will not receive great results! That said, I've made available to you all that you'll need to join the Elite few successful Erotica authors/publishers. Whether or not your book becomes a bestseller is up to YOU, not me.

I can give you all of the strategies to become an Erotica Bestseller:

Erotica Decoded | Erotica Decoded Review -

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