Saturday, April 26, 2014

▶ Newbie Cash Funnel | Newbie Cash Funnel Review - YouTube

Newbie Cash Funnel | Newbie Cash Funnel Review -

Newbie Cash Funnel - You're Leaving Money On The Table!**
If You're Not Using These
Sales Funnel Techniques
In Your Business -- You May As Well Be
'Flushing Your Money Down The Toilet!

You're going to AVOID having to make all the mistakes I did...

... Here's exactly what you're going to learn inside:

Module 1: Targeting

This is one of the most IMPORTANT modules... there is no point targeting dog lovers with an offer about cats... getting this right is fundamental when it comes down to setting your foundations

Module 2: Positioning

Like with Targeting -- this is a 'foundation' module... you need to make sure your positioning your offer in the RIGHT way in order to entice people to jump in!

Module 3: The lead magnet

This is what's going to convince your visitors to make the leap to give you their email (the first step) It's VITAL to get this step right in order to convert as many people as possible!

Module 4: The System Set up

I make sure you don't get confused and provide a step-by-step guide on actions to take.

Module 5: Email Follow up

Got a lead that doesn't buy first time round?

Don't Panic!

I'm going to show you how to follow up with these leads in order to achieve maximum profitability from each and every visitor!

Modules 6-9: The 'Pages'

I'm going to show you my tips and resources I use to ensure that all my pages convert at the highest possible rate!

Module 10: Traffic

There is no point having a great offer and a great converting page if you can't actually get any eyes on it...

... In this module I'll show you HOW to get hoards of traffic to your offer!

Newbie Cash Funnel | Newbie Cash Funnel Review -

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