Thursday, November 28, 2013

Viral Boomerang Lockdown - Viral Boomerang Lockdown

On a fundamental level this is tool that lets you lock any PDF file, it also has some kick-butt list building tricks built right in.

Here are some key things that you will be able to do... Anyone who downloads your PDF product can be made to register to get an access key... Listbuilding without a squeeze page. You can add a "taster" or "first chapter" that can be opened without the key...A great tease. Unlock Keys can be UNIQUE to each user. Meaning they can't share them around. Your PDF can't be "saved as" to their hard drive and opened outside of the locking system... That will frustrate serial refunders! The unlock key can be made revocable! So if someone refunds or shares the product illegally, you can instantly turn off their access to the product... That puts an end to the antics of serial refunders, file sharers and black-hatters! The file cannot be unsecured using tools like

Viral Boomerang Lockdown -

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