Friday, November 1, 2013

Make Money Releasing WSOs

Make Money Releasing WSOs

What you will get with this WSO:

1. The WSO CheatSheet - A comprehensive guide that breaks down all the numbers that matter when packaging and selling your WSO on Warrior Forum.

You will be able to instantly package your WSOs with a just glance at the CheatSheet.

BONUS 1 - The WSO CheatSheet Ebook- A detailed PDF eBook with a breakdown of all the data and statistics of 381 top selling WSOs on Warrior Plus. An Absolute Gold Mine.

BONUS 2 - The WSO Market Money Guide PDF eBook - An in-depth look at the WSO Market place and how to capitalize on the WSO business.

You may want to read this eBook first before you read the WSO CheatSheet eBook and use the CheatSheet.

Understanding the WSO market and your potential buyers is of utmost importance, because then you will know exactly what to create for which groups of buyers.

BONUS 3 - Complete List of Best-selling WSOs

A complete list of all the top selling WSOs that were used in this study and the creation of the CheatSheet(an excel spreadsheet).

The easiest and quickest way to become the best is by learning from the best. Study the data in the excel spreadsheet from the various WSOs, then go on WarriorPlus and checkout the WSOs sales pages and study them closely.

You will get a glimpse into the designs and working of top selling WSOs.

BONUS 4 - WSO Management System

A comprehensive spreadsheet with all the formula that will enable you keep track of every aspect of your business - from hits and sales to conversions and profit. Never run a business you can't measure, don't run a business without measuring everything.

BONUS 5 - WSO MasterPlan - $20,000-per-month WSO Blueprint

A simple and clear guide to get you started on the path to WSO riches. Follow every step and you will soon be swimming in money'

BONUS 6 - WSO Profit Calculator

A simple and nifty spreadsheet with formula, just plug in the numbers and it will crunch them and show you your profits.

Make Money Releasing WSOs

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