Thursday, November 28, 2013

Amazon Christmas Countdown Followalong - Amazon Christmas Countdown Followalong

The upsell is an optional video course that will give you a 5 day action plan so as you are following the group you can actually take action faster.

Again it is NOT essential BUT if you really want to move faster and not have to wait for the updates it will be well worth picking up.

After the upsell page you will be taken through to a page with Azon Christmas Cash, instructions to join the Google + group and your videos (if you purchased the upsell)

To join the Google + group you will need to send me your purchase email AND the email you will be using for Google +.

How Many Sites Do I Have To Build?

As many as you can is the simple answer!

For the follow through I am going to focus on 5 sites.

You can see in the members area a case study I did with the Furby Boom site.

Amazon Christmas Countdown Followalong -

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