Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Sonic Reply WordPress Plugin

Sonic Reply WordPress Plugin

Sonic Reply WordPress Plugin – A Help Desk Plugin That Will Make You Money

I only want to tell you that I am experienced when it comes to helpdesk software because I already tried them all, starting with the most expensive ones like Kayako or Vision Helpdesk and then trying some less expensive ones hosted at my own server but I never was satsified with the solutions resulting in going on to search for the ONE solution for me.

This search is over now because Sonic Replay provides everything I need for running support for ALL of my businesses, is much less expensive than the mentioned solutions and much less complicated as well.

I know Andrew from his other plugins and theme and know that he always will update and improve his products so if I would see a features missing at Sonic Replay I know that he surely would add it but until now Sonic Replay is all I need

All in all I give this new plugin 5 stars.

Sonic Reply Basic – Install on ONE domain that you personally own – $27

Sonic Reply Pro – Install on UNLIMITED domains that you personally own – $37

Sonic Reply Developer – In addition to the above, install on CLIENT sites and can also flip your own sites – $67

Sonic Reply is NOT for resale.

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Sonic Reply WordPress Plugin

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