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The GoofBall’s Guide to Email Marketing

The GoofBall’s Guide to Email Marketing

The GoofBall’s Guide to Email Marketing – It IS POSSIBLE to Become Insanely Profitable from Email Marketing!


* the most important thing to do for new subscribers – so that they ACT on your suggestions and buy thru your links

* 2 simple emails that can EXPLODE your open and click rates – so when you mail, your message gets SEEN

* 3 complete ‘email sequences’ WITH templates so you’ll never guess what to do when you need to engage, promote or even revive a sluggish list

* video walk thrus so you’ll be able to apply these email sequences at will for MAXIMUM BENEFIT

* thorough main guide shows how to get your emails opened, read and actioned, reduce your bounce rate and make your subscribers LOOK FORWARD to your suggestions – meaning your commissions can go through the roof

* controversial, WAY against the grain methods (that no one is teaching) that will keep your subscribers EAGER to open and read your emails — completely ethically!

* and Much Much More…

Mark Tandan has put together a serious winner here. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned from his guide. I picked up a BIG TIME golden nugget on page 13 which will have a drastic impact on your open rates (no other marketer talks about this and it takes 2 seconds to set up).

The more I kept reading this guide the better it got. This course seriously covers EVERYTHING you can think of in regards to email marketing and the best part is he gives proof of his results within the guide. It’s not just theory, it’s actionable steps that he has put to use, and anyone at any skill level can take action on these steps as well.

I can go on and on about how much I loved this product, but I will spare you the time. Once you pick up a copy you will notice why this is THE guide for email marketing and why I am now a huge fan of Mark’s

the goofballs guide to email marketing

The GoofBall’s Guide to Email Marketing

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