Friday, October 4, 2013

Fastsense Adsense Plugin - Fastsense Adsense Plugin

How to make $3 to $5 per day, per site, with easy to create websites!

What You'll Learn From The FastSense System

1. The exact type of content sites I produce (this is important for the 'no-effort' traffic!)
2. The exact plugins I use
3. The one and only SEO method I use.
4. The exact placement of Google AdSense ad blocks to ensure a minimum daily payout of $3 - $5

What You'll Get In The FastSense System

1. An 18 page no BS PDF that tells you the exact type of content sites I create and exactly how to set them up, including the free theme I use.

2. The tiny but highly effective Wordpress plugin I developed that will safely generate 10%-- 20% CTR on your Adsense ads

Fastsense Adsense Plugin -

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