Wednesday, October 29, 2014

VideoTweetPressr | VideoTweetPressr Review | Internet Marketing Success -

VideoTweetPressr | VideoTweetPressr Review

VideoTweetPressr | VideoTweetPressr Review

VideoTweetPressr By Leah Butler-Smith – The new VideoTweetPressr WordPress Plugin
just went live – Traffic Boosting Software Uses Video To Grab Attention & Push Leads To Your Sites, Offers & Promotions!

With many of the top brands using
Twitter to capture leads and drive
prospects to their sites, it’s right to
return your attention to the
continued growth of this platform!

This free traffic source is still proving
to beat other social media platforms and
that is only set to grow.

Many niches are joining the tweeting
crowd and whilst there is a strategy,
just as there is with all Social Media
platforms, the potential for benefitting
from Twitter to drive traffic to your
sites is excellent!

There is a superb software that’s
going to help you automate Twitters
unique benefits.

Using WordPress to base your Tweeting
activities, Tweetpressr takes your Video,
RSS and Reddit feeds and turns them into
curating feeds!

Not only that but this amazingly clever
plugin even AutoRetweets based on:

– #hashtags

– @names

– keywords

and all of those are highly focused on
your niche!

PLUS – you can build as many of those as
you want and need.

You can even start driving traffic to yours
and your client sites with this simple to
set up software.


VideoTweetPressr | VideoTweetPressr Review

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