Wednesday, January 7, 2015 10,000 Credits + 2,000 Bonus Credits | Internet Marketing Success - 10,000 Credits + 2,000 Bonus Credits 10,000 Credits + 2,000 Bonus Credits 10,000 Credits + 2,000 Bonus Credits By Daniel Anton – Our Advanced Algorithm first determines your current keyword position in Google. It then looks at the overall search volume for this keyword and determines the perfect # of searches and dwell time required to boost you up higher. The system constantly evaluates your keyword position and adjusts to keep boosting you up higher. And it does this all Automatically!

Competition brings out secret weapons. Do You
Have Yours?

This Could Be Your Secret Weapon:

If your competition has a higher Click Through
Rate, and higher Dwell Time, they are going to
win in Google.


Because user experience is Google’s single
biggest concern, and they monitor their
behavior like a hawk.

If you thought you tracked your analytics data,
what do you think a multi-billion dollar entity
such as Google is considering when returning
search results?

Did the searcher click on the result, and did they
find what they were looking for (click through
rate + dwell time on site)?

Top Whitehat SEO experts such as Rand Fishkin,
Danny Sullivan, Darren Shaw, and countless
others have proven Google is paying close
attention to user experience.

This isn’t a matter of debate anymore!

Early on, people were confused and denied
backlinks could manipulate Google. Years later,
it’s now common knowledge. User metrics are
now in the same position backlinks were ten
years ago. 10,000 Credits + 2,000 Bonus Credits

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