Monday, September 22, 2014

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YT Knowledge Tree Commercial Software

YT Knowledge Tree Commercial Software

YT Knowledge Tree Commercial Software By Tony Marriott & Anthoni Gardner – Rank #1 On YouTube With No SEO! Find Zero Competition YouTube Video Keywords

YTKT software finds the lowest competition video keywords that will rank immediately without additional SEO.

There is an additional software offered as an upsell (YTKT Spy Edition) that will do what you want. It will find all tags, title, descriptions etc of top 100 videos for any existing keywords.

Now let me state very clearly this software will not rank you for high traffic keywords like” how to make money online” in 10 minutes because that keyword has loads of competition, it will however show you it is a waste of your time to even try unless you spend a fortune on back links etc.

What it does do however is show you how you can rank for loads of long tail keywords with a simple ranking number, the key is to load the software with enough keywords and let it do its job in finding the gold.

Tony even shows you how to create simple videos that can be replicated in minutes to provide unique videos for multiple keywords so at this sort of price point it should be a no brainer decision if you want to improve your video promotion conversions.

Ranked #1 In YouTube In 45 Seconds

Ranked #1 In Google In 2 Minutes

All for Only $12.97!!!!!

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